Book Review: To Tell a Tale or Two by Kelly Florentia

To Tell a Tale or Two by Kelly Florentia
Release Date: 27th February 2014
Buy: Kindle

5 star



A collection of ten contemporary short stories about love, betrayal and family drama, all with a subtle twist! Ideal for fans of chick-lit, these ten minute reads will take you through the pain of infidelity to the heartache of letting go of someone you love, the lightheartedness of speed dating to the chill of an encounter with a ghost. Can Rebecca forgive her husband for a drunken one night stand? Find out in Band of Gold. How does Jan react when she comes face to face with her psychic lover after fifteen-years? All is revealed in Waiting for Daisy. And just how did Rob end up in a pool of blood at his wife’s feet? A Passionate Crime discloses all.


I don’t feel as though I read enough short stories. It’s not because I don’t enjoy them, but because I don’t feel as though there’s that many available in the chick-lit genre on the whole, at least ones that I have stumbled across. So I was really keen to give To Tell a Tale or Two a read. I really liked the idea of a book you can easily just dip in and out of and read when you have a spare ten minutes. I often think I’m going to struggle with short stories and become too attached to certain characters, or not be able to move on from the previous story. However, I didn’t find that problem at all with To Tell a Tale or Two. Easily read in one greedy sitting, or broken down into entertaining ten minute bites (if you can resist not reading it all in one go that is!) there are some absolutely fantastic stories within this collection. They all had satisfying endings; complete with twists in the storyline that’ll have you hooked. There’s something for everyone here – romance, crime, infidelity… Each story deals with something different and there wasn’t one I didn’t enjoy. I think Heavenly Scent was my favourite and it really got me thinking but My Girl also stood out for me in the sense of things not being as expected, as did The Client. It’s a fabulous read and I’m really looking forward to reading a lot more of Kelly Florentia’s work in the future, whether that be in the format of short stories or novels.

*To Tell a Tale or Two was kindly sent to me by Kelly Florentia in exchange for a review.*


Kelly Florentia is an author of women’s fiction. Her short stories have been published in women’s magazines worldwide and anthologised by Accent Press in their charity range. Her eBook, To Tell a Tale or Two, featuring ten of her short stories, was published in February 2014 and is available for download via Amazon.Kelly is currently working on her second novel, a contemporary romantic drama with a supernatural swirl. Her first novel is awaiting publication.Kelly lives in London with her husband. Hobbies include reading, jogging, cycling, Facebooking, Tweeting and yoga. Oh, and the odd game of Candy Crush Saga.

You can follow Kelly on Twitter @KellyFlorentia



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