Book Review: Babymaid by Jane O’Dowd and Olivia Polk


Babymaid by Jane O’Dowd and Olivia Polk
Release Date: 24th January 2014
Publisher: Astraea Press
Buy: Kindle


Lexi’s life is finally falling into place. She has just received a much-deserved promotion to manage a public relations campaign for a new Miami hotel complete with a handsome hotel manager. Just when she thinks she will have the big news during happy hour, her best friend Savannah drops a baby-powder covered bomb. She’s pregnant. BOOM! Before Lexi has a chance to recover from the shell-shock, Kate, the third musketeer in their trio, admits that she too is expecting. KA-BAM! Lexi soon realizes her whole life is undergoing a baby proof makeover when Kate moves into her condo to flee a failing marriage. As the pits of real pregnancy start to multiply —food aversions, medical tests and more, Lexi starts to wonder if she actually knows anything about real pregnancy. Between the hotel launch and her leading role as babymaid, Lexi can hardly keep baby bottles and champagne bottles straight and starts to question if she can handle the pressure. Can Lexi survive the pregnancies, pull off the hotel launch of the year and snag her own someday-baby-daddy? She knew how to be a bridesmaid, can she learn to be a…babymaid?


Babymaid tells the adorable story of three best friends who suddenly all find their worlds turned upside down by pregnancy. Vanna is the first to announce her (very much planned) arrival, swiftly followed by Kate (whose arrival wasn’t exactly planned after just separating from her husband). Lexi, however isn’t pregnant (phew) and is very much boyfriend-less but she does find herself thrown into the role of ‘babymaid’ to her two best friends. There’s only one problem…Lexi knows absolutely nothing about babies, pregnancy or impending motherhood. And why should she? She is only thirty one after all! As Kate comes to stay with Lexi she finds her life dramatically changing as she supports her best friend, accompanying her to OB/GYN appointments, organising baby showers, attending Lamaze classes and ensuring that the freezer is fully stocked with ice cream…

I thought that Babymaid was a fantastic idea for a story. It covers pretty much everything to do with life; friends, careers, romance, motherhood, relationships.
Knowing more or less the same amount as Lexi in regards to pregnant women (i.e. nothing) I felt that Babymaid provided a really good insight into what it must be like living with not only someone who is pregnant, but who also happens to be one of your best friends. I loved how each chapter is named as something that indicates the baby’s size at the time e.g. The Poppy Seed, The Pineapple and you find out a little about some of the changes that the mother will be going through too.
I found Babymaid to be one of those stories that just sucks you in right from the start. The characters are believable, yet loveable and it’s hard not to go along the rollercoaster journey with them. They will make you cry and you will be rooting for them to get their happy ending, I guarantee.
Lexi was definitely my favourite character. I loved her approach as ‘babymaid’ and how she wanted everything to be perfect for her friends, despite not knowing a great deal about what they were going through. She always tried her best and some of her thoughts and situations will definitely make you laugh out loud. She is one of those characters you wish you were friends with in real life and can so easily relate to.
I was really intrigued to see that Babymaid was written by two authors, I always wonder just how things work out when there are two people writing the same book. However, in the case of Babymaid it seems to be a concept that really works as it’s such an engaging, heart warming story. It’s a clever, humorous read that will make you feel all warm a fuzzy inside.



Olivia Polk co-authored Babymaid with her friend and former co-worker, Jane O’Dowd. She is a Florida native, University of Florida graduate (Go Gators!) and loves all things Jane Austen. She lives in the Orlando area with her husband and her son.

Follow Olivia on Twitter @OliviaLPolk

Jane co-authored her debut novel “Babymaid” with her co-friend, Olivia Polk. She is also an award-winning public relations professional, wife and mother to a 3-year-old girl and a 1-year-old boy. Jane resides in the Orlando, Florida area. And, no, she doesn’t actually live in Disney World.

Follow Jane on Twitter @Jane_odowd

*I was kindly sent this copy in exchange for an honest review, thank you.

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