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Today I am delighted to welcome the fabulous *drum roll, please* Kathryn Freeman to my blog…
Kathryn’s novel, Do Opposites Attract? is published by one of my favourite independent publishers, Choc Lit (find out more about them here) Kathryn’s book is available in both e-book and paperback format NOW!

Over to you Kathryn…


9781781891018 cmyk

Thank you so much, Holly, for having me on Bookaholic confessions. I’d like to share with you a little about my debut paperback, Do Opposites Attract?


The title and the cover really do give you a real insight into the book. It’s a romance (I can’t write anything else :)) involving two people from totally different backgrounds who meet in the harsh and emotionally charged environment of a refugee camp. Mitch McBride grew up on the wrong side of the tracks but he’s managed in the main to put his past behind him and now works as a doctor for a medical charity where his background doesn’t matter. That is until the patron’s daughter comes to visit for a week. A beautiful, classy heiress, the arrival of Brianna Worthington immediately makes the chip on his shoulder feel like a boulder.


He wants to hate her. He’s had a rough, loveless life full of hard work and suffering. She’s had a charmed life surrounded by wealth and parents who adore her. He’s with the charity to work, she’s there because she wants to see what they do.


Not surprisingly, when they meet the sparks really fly and both are guilty of making assumptions about each other. Mitch of assuming because Brianna is rich, she’s spoilt. Brianna of assuming because he comes across as gruff, he doesn’t care.


I hope the following excerpt will give you a flavour of what I mean by this. During a patient review meeting at the camp Mitch has to tell the team not to order an air ambulance for the hypothermic boy because it isn’t worth it. He meant because the boy was dying and moving him would only make his end more traumatic. Not realising this, Brianna gives him a mouthful and walks out of the meeting. He finds her a short while later at the child’s bedside.

Slowly he walked up to her. ‘Brianna.’

She looked up with a start, her dislike of him very much in evidence when her beautiful face turned from soft to haughty in the blink of an eye. ‘I know you believe he’s not worth any of your precious time,’ she told him in a voice so cold icicles seemed to hang off each word. ‘But you can’t stop me from being here.’

Frustrated, Mitch jammed a hand roughly through his hair. Then, acting on impulse, he reached out, grabbed her arm and dragged her off the chair and outside the tent. Although she protested, his grip was so tight she was unable to do anything but follow him.

‘Damn you, Brianna,’ he uttered under his breath. ‘You’re putting words into my mouth.’ He paused, fighting to control his temper. ‘I didn’t say he wasn’t worthy of our compassion, just that there was nothing else we could do to save him.’

Brianna looked down at the hand that gripped her arm. Mitch wondered what she saw. The strength? Or the fact that it was rough and calloused.

‘Let go, you’re hurting me.’
If she’d slapped him, he couldn’t have let go any quicker.

‘Sorry, I didn’t mean to.’ Angry red bruises marked the delicate creamy skin where his hand had been and he winced at his roughness. ‘I just wanted to make sure you followed me out,’ he tried to explain. ‘Although the boy isn’t conscious, nobody knows whether he can hear or not. I didn’t want to subject him to this conversation.’

Brianna nodded briefly, then turned away from him and disappeared back inside the tent. Mitch was left standing outside like a fool, annoyed and frustrated. It seemed nothing he did was going to please the lady.



Thank you so much for having me. If you’d like to find out more about the story, it’s Kathryn Freeman portraitavailable on Amazon:


My contact details:







4 thoughts on “Guest Post: Kathryn Freeman

  1. I too look forward to reading this new story from Kathryn, it sounds great! I’m currently reading ‘TOO CHARMING’ also written by Kathryn and I’m really enjoying it 🙂 Thank you Holly & Kathryn xx


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