Not the Booker Prize

Over on a longlist (and it is quite long…) has been released for the Not the Booker Prize Award. Whilst the list contains an array of prestigious authors there’s two on this list that stand out for me and I thought that I would share with you, my fellow bookaholics, exactly why I love these two authors and their books so much.


First up is Hannah Beckerman and The Dead Wife’s Handbook, published by Penguin.
I read this book when it first came out (13th February 2014 to be precise…) and I still think about it today. It’s one of the extremely rare books that I have read twice and I enjoyed it even more the second time round, picking up on bits that I had missed originally. You can have a read of my review here; I also chose to include this book on my Favourites page (meaning it gets the prestigious ‘Sparkly Shoe’…that’s almost as impressive as winning the Not the Booker Prize award, right?) I liked this book so much because it was so unlike anything I had ever read before. It was emotional, moving, beautifully written and has left me eagerly awaiting more from Hannah Beckerman.

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My second choice is The List by Joanna Bolouri, published by Quercus. This is another novel that I read when it first came out (5th December 2013, fact finders!) so I haven’t reviewed it (although as soon as I can fit in a re-read I will be reviewing it!) I immensely enjoyed The List and immediately became a huge fan of Joanna Bolouri’s writing. This book was hugely funny, entertaining, down to earth and most of all a massively fun read! It has all of the perfect requirements, likeable, realistic characters, a stack of steaminess and is bursting at the seams with laugh-out-loud moments. The List is chick lit at its very best and this is something that needs to be celebrated. (Especially as I spy a lack of this genre on the longlist…)

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There you have it. Luckily you are allowed to vote for two books to make it onto ‘The List’ (see what I did there…!??) for the next round.

To take a look at ‘The List’ (Ok, I’ll stop now) in full and vote click here.

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