Book Review: Solitude’s Fine by John Porter

 Solitude’s Fine by John Porter
Release Date: 7th July 2014
Publisher: John Porter
Buy: Kindle

A gripping short story chronicling the journey of an eighteen year-old’s discovery of sex, violence, love, pain and grief – and the realisation that they’re all the same thing.

Written by an eighteen year-old John Porter, fiction has never been so hauntingly honest.


I find that I don’t tend to read many short stories, but when I was offered to chance to review Solitude’s Fine by new author John Porter I was intrigued by the synopsis. It sounded completely different to my usual reading material but it’s good to try new things…right? In this case; too right!
Solitude’s Fine is only 28 pages long but those 28 pages pack one heck of a punch. This is a completely raw, powerful piece of writing; detailing the teenage years of John, as he comes to terms with who he is and experiences relationships, love, grief and hurt along the way.
You can’t help but be interested in John and I guarantee you’ll be shocked when you come to the ending…but it’ll also leave you desperately wanting more.
Although a little shocking in parts I felt that that’s all part of its gritty, honest appeal. All in all a really thought provoking, sit-up-and-listen short story that will grab your attention from the offset.
It’s great news that Solitude’s Fine has been nominated for a short fiction award and after reading these 28 pages of powerful words it definitely gets my vote!


My thanks to John Porter for providing me with a review copy of Solitude’s Fine.


Visit John’s Twitter and GoodReads page for more information.


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