This Family Life by Jon Rance – 99p Kindle Countdown Deal

Hello, I’m Jon Rance, author of ‘This Family Life’ which is part of the Kindle Countdown Deal for just 72 hours (that’s 3 days to you and me), from Tuesday September 2nd to midnight on Thursday September 4th , it’s on sale for only 99p. Wow, that’s cheap you’re probably thinking, although you might also be thinking about something else right now, like the pile of washing that’s still on your bed, the unpaid bill you really need to pay, or that last biscuit that’s sitting in the biscuit tin with your name on it. Well, I’m here to say…FOCUS! This is important. Stop worrying about all the other stuff because this book is really funny, and heartwarming, and honestly, it will make you happy. But you only have three days to get it at this knock down price, so stop worrying about cleaning under the toilet seat (the men of the house will pee all over it again anyway), and get this book because the Kindle clock is ticking (think of it like the tick tock in the TV show 24 – feel the pressure of the Kindle clock!)…tick tock tick tock.




Click HERE to take advantage of this offer and get your copy of This Family Life for 99p…




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