Happy “Read An eBook Day!”

Tell your storyGuys, guys, guys. I have important news. Today, Thursday 18th September is international “Read An eBook Day” – the first ever eBook holiday, launched by OverDrive, in a bid to celebrate and raise awareness of just how flippin’ awesome eBooks are.

I first heard about this scheme at work and my library will definitely be taking part in sharing the love for eBooks today.

What better way to celebrate eBook day than by downloading some glorious (FREE!) eBooks from your local library, or perhaps making a sneaky purchase of that eBook you’ve been eyeing up for ages but haven’t got round to buying yet.

PLUS, if you join in by visiting readanebookday.com or comment on Facebook or Twitter telling your eBook story  (don’t forget to use the hashtag #eBookDay) you could be in with the chance of winning a brand new e-book device or tablet, which OverDrive are giving away EVERY HOUR!



I thought I would use this post as a good old excuse to share why I love ebooks so much and how they’re literally transformed my reading habits since I got my Kindle in December 2012.
I was quite late to the party where e-readers were concerned and if I’m honest, I wasn’t all that keen to venture into the world of eBooks. After all, I work in a library and I did fear that eBooks would be just another factor contributing to the decline of libraries. Plus, I love books…and I don’t just mean stories, I mean PHYSICAL books. I love the feel of them, the smell, the cover and I wasn’t sure you could quite match the feel of holding an actual book in your hands.
However, I was wrong and almost two years later I am a complete eBook fan. Of course nothing beats a physical book, that’s just the way it is and always will be for me, but I have discovered many, many fantastic things about eBooks.

Firstly, there’s the weight. I carry my book EVERYWHERE with me in my handbag, it doesn’t matter where I’m going (you never know when you can sneak in a few extra pages, am I right book lovers…?) and if I’m reading a 400+ page hardback then I’m left with very sore arms from lugging it everywhere. It’s also sometimes a squeeze getting the book into my handbag, especially that season when clutch bags were in…it was never going to happen… But with my Kindle I can carry hundreds of books with me and not have aching shoulders/an overflowing bag/broken bag strap from carrying too much (that last one is a disaster, trust me.)
Then you’ve got your over-flowing bookshelves. I literally have no space in my bookshelves, on my floor, under my bed, behind my door or anywhere else I have crammed books into to store any more (not that this will stop me buying them, of course…) but that’s the beauty of eBooks. They don’t take up ANY space. Let’s just take a moment to appreciate that concept.

As a blogger eBooks have opened up a whole new world for me, as I’m sure they have for all of the thousands of authors who have published their novels in eBook format too. Owning an e-reader has allowed me to read and review (and discover) so many amazing novels and new authors which I certainly wouldn’t have even come across otherwise. It’s amazing when an author asks you to review a book and it can be sat there ready on your Kindle within minutes. Then there’s NetGalley. (I’m currently celebrating #NetGalley Month, so  #eBookDay fits in perfectly!) I’m sure you know that NetGalley is an amazing resource for bloggers, reviewers and librarians, whereby they can request to review e-copies of new titles that are coming up for release. I am obsessed with NetGalley and I think it’s utterly amazing, but of course, if it wasn’t for e-readers and eBooks then I wouldn’t be able to declare that obsession, because there would be no NetGalley (yikes!)

Then you’ve got the price and availability of eBooks. For the most part, they are amazingly cheap…I’m talking 99p cheap. In the majority of cases there’s no way you could buy the physical version of the book you want for anywhere near the price of the eBook and I think that’s amazing (and also quite dangerous for all of the bookaholics out there…) Then you’ve got your FREE books. You can get thousands and thousands of eBooks for free and this is another way to discover new, talented authors. There really is nothing better than FREE BOOKS.
In the past, when a hugely anticipated book has been released I would hike down to the nearest bookshop on its release date to get my copy, but now, come midnight, you can get your book straight onto your e-reader with just the chick of a button and no need to even venture out of your PJ’s. Brilliant, right?

So there you have the reasons as to why I love eBooks so much. I think it’s no exaggeration when people say that eBooks have changed their lives, especially for those who are elderly or disabled. Being able to get a book without leaving your house, being able to change font sizes and shapes to suit you, or just being able to turn the pages of your book without removing your arms from under the cosy duvet (or is that just me being lazy…?) eBooks are simply brilliant.

To celebrate eBook day I will be reading Letting In Light by Emma Davies (I’m halfway through and loving it…check it out on Amazon and why not download the e-copy!? What better way to celebrate #eBookDay?)




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