It’s Not Me, It’s YOU Competition

It’s Not Me, It’s YouTo celebrate the up-and-coming launch of It’s Not  Me, It’s You by Mhairi McFarlane (released 6th November 2014 click here to pre-order) the team at HarperCollins are running a pretty amazing competition. They’re asking you to tell them your own It’s Not Me It’s You moment, take a picture and share them through Twitter using the hastag #itsnotmeitsyou


Ever been in a situation where you’ve had to bite your tongue? Well now’s your chance to vent!

Someone steal your favourite pen at work? Put you down when you know they shouldn’t have? A bad breakup that wasn’t your fault? Shout loudly: IT’S NOT ME IT’S YOU!

(Keep them keen and not too mean! And anonymous, obvs)

The competition launches today and the funniest moment will win a very special Mhairi hamper with a signed book and a limited edition print of the Delia’s FOX comic.


Here’s two of mine…

inmey             mmm

….*screams in frustration* Much better…


Good Luck Book Lovers!




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