One Book Lane

Fellow bloggers and book lovers are probably completely clued up on One Book Lane already, but just in case you’re not, I thought I would do a bit of shouting about how fantastic the community for bookaholics like myself is…

Since the launch of One Book Lane last month I have discovered loads of new authors already and my To-Be-Read list has grown by an unhealthy amount.
One Book Lane is basically a bookish community which helps readers to discover new books and authors. They have giveaways, extracts, short stories, news, events, author interviews, plus lots more.

I love the ‘Inside One Book Lane’ category on their website which allows you to visit virtual rooms in a house and will give you book recommendations depending on which room you choose (e.g the attic for thrillers and crime and the bedroom for romance…) It’s brilliant! You will never be stuck for something to read ever again and I love the whole concept, plus they have some of the best authors…Erica James, Harriet Lane and Cathy Kelly anyone?

If you haven’t visited the site yet then definitely drop by, and even better subscribe to receive the latest book news and an exclusive short story.

One Book Lane

One Book Lane


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