New Cover Alert!

You know how much I love my covers (although we should never judge a book by it’s cover I still think that covers are very, very, VERY important.) So I bring exciting news! The Beginners Guide to the Birds and the Bees by Sophie Hart (which is a must-read, check out my review…) has had a bit of a make over. Not only has it been given a new cover but also a new title! It is now officially called A Girl’s Guide to the Birds and The Bees and as for its new cover…well…


It is GORGEOUS, is it not!?

I really liked the original cover but I would probably say that I prefer this one if I had to choose. (Also the lovely Leah from Girls Love To Read is quoted on the cover which is simply fantastic in itself!) I love the colours, the hearts, the books, the birds – this cover is just perfection.

If you’re yet to read this amazing, uplifting story then get yourself a copy, pronto. You’ll love it, I promise!



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