Book Review: The Perfect Christmas by Kate Forster

The Perfect Christmas

The Perfect Christmas by Kate Forster
Release Date: 29th September 2014
Publisher: MIRA
Buy: Kindle


A holiday short story that proves that true love is forever, not just for Christmas… Hollywood movie star Maggie and friend and manager Zoe need an escape from their complicated star-studded lives in LA. With its history and Christmas charm, London feels like the perfect getaway.

But can they truly leave their realities behind?

In their luxurious quarters, the girls meet Holly who is ideal at showing Maggie and Zoe the sumptuous sights and sounds of London in their most glittering light. But behind her bright façade, Holly is hiding a secret: suffering from unrequited love, she’s looking for a Christmas miracle. Desperate to see an unattainable love story for Holly come together, will our LA starlets succeed in providing a Hollywood ending before the dawn of Christmas Day?

Packed to the brim with festive cheer, this is the only story you’ll need this Christmas…


Super star actress Maggie is unhappily married to the demanding (and extremely grumpy) Will. Things come to head between the pair when he announces that he’s taking his son (and Maggie’s step-son) Elliot over to Mexico for Christmas…and Maggie is most certainly not invited.
After despairing to her best friend and manager, Zoe, Maggie hatches the plan that the pair should leave LA behind and go and spend Christmas in London. Workaholic Zoe could definitely do with a break from her laptop and Maggie is in need of an escape of her own. Believing that London is one of the best cities in the world to spend Christmas the flights are booked and the magic begins as the pair embark on the trip of a lifetime. There’s shopping, sightseeing and calorie laden treats aplenty for Zoe and Maggie as they end up turning into matchmakers and performing one or two Christmas miracles of their own…

The Perfect Christmas is the ultimate feel-good Christmassy treat and I whizzed through this short story faster than a novice on ice skates…
It was exciting, warm, funny and REALLY, REALLY festive. Despite this only being a short story I bonded quickly with the characters (especially Holly…she does have a great name, after all…!) and became engrossed in Maggie and Zoe’s London adventure.
The way in Kate Foster describes London at Christmas really brings the city to life and I could have practically been sat in The Dorchester with Maggie and Zoe sipping afternoon tea. It was all so beautiful, extravagant and yet so real.
The whole of The Perfect Christmas was a truly magical story, especially the ending. I was really pleased with the way that things turned out, but my only problem now is that I want more from these characters…
This novella is similar to a modern day fairytale, ok so it may not be the most realistic of storylines but that’s the whole idea. As an adult it’s sometimes just nice to get swept up in a story that will carry you off to a nice, snowy, sparkly place and The Perfect Christmas does just that.




If you’re not feeling in the festive mood yet then reach for this novella; it’ll do the trick! The way that Kate brings Christmas in London to life is fantastic. The shopping, the atmosphere, the sparkle…it all goes towards making The Perfect Christmas even more magical and you’ll be more than ready to don your Christmas jumper after curling up with this delight of a novel…

A huge thank you to publishers, MIRA, for approving me to read The Perfect Christmas on NetGalley.

Kate ForsterI live in Melbourne, Australia with my husband, two children and dogs and I can be found nursing a laptop, surrounded by magazines and talking on the phone, usually all at once. I am an avid follower of fashion, fame and all things pop culture and I am also an excellent dinner party guest who always brings gossip and champagne.

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