Book Review: Sealed With A Christmas Kiss by Rachael Lucas


Sealed with a Christmas Kiss

Sealed With a Christmas Kiss by Rachael Lucas
Release Date: 6th November 2014
Publisher: Pan
Buy: Kindle


Kate has taken to life on the remote Scottish island of Auchenmor like a seal to water: she’s given a new lease of life to the Laird’s estate in her day job; she’s befriended the once-nosy locals; and even young Laird Roddy is not quite so grumpy these days.

Better still, Kate has just had her best idea yet: they’ll turn the castle into the most gorgeous wedding venue in Scotland. The pressure’s on as the first wedding is booked in for Christmas Eve – just weeks away. But with a mismatched bride and groom, a hysterical PR on her case, her own relationship woes and a huge storm blowing in, can Kate pull it off in time?


If you’re familiar with the happenings in Sealed With a Kiss then you will already have been introduced to Kate and Roddy. Now most definitely a couple, the pair are living on the beautiful island of Auchenmor in Duntarvie House together. However, Kate has just had the perfect idea for bringing money and visitors to Auchenmor…to transform Duntarvie House into a wedding venue. Thinking it’ll make the perfect back drop for couples to tie the knot, Kate and Roddy set to work on their plan. We join the pair just as they’re making the finishing touches to the castle in preparation for the first big wedding which has been booked for (gulp) Christmas Eve which (even bigger gulp) is just a few short weeks away.
However things don’t exactly go to plan when the supposedly ‘happy’ couple arrive and a series of unpredictable events lead Kate to examining her own relationship and her commitment to both living in Auchenmor and being with Roddy …

For some unearthly reason I’m yet to read Sealed With A Kiss by Rachael Lucas (I have downloaded it, it’s somewhere on my scarily long To Be Read list…) but it being December I couldn’t resist temptation and once realising that Sealed With a Christmas Kiss could be read as a standalone novel I dived right in.
I very quickly found my footing with regards to Kate and Roddy. They’re both brilliant characters who you’ll easily warm to and it’s not difficult to pick up the jist of their back story if you’re yet to read Sealed With a Kiss. They’re hugely realistic and you’ll easily bond with Kate as she loses her marbles a tiny bit at certain points in the story, truly proving that she’s only human…She will make you smile and quite possibly hoot with laughter too. There’s a great selection of characters to the story as a whole, I loved Jean and Maddie and constantly wanted to slap Leo…
Rachael Lucas made Auchenmor an absolute pleasure to read about and has made me want to visit myself. She describes the island beautifully and really brings it to life; as she does with Duntarvie House too. I really enjoyed reading her style of writing and felt that the story overall flowed really well. Sometimes with novellas I’m left wanting to know more and still with loads of questions as the story whizzes by me but with Sealed With a Christmas Kiss this wasn’t the case at all. The story progressed at a nice pace and I felt it to be the perfect length.
Sealed With a Christmas Kiss is an all round thoroughly enjoyable story. If you’ve already been acquainted with Kate and Roddy then I’ve no doubt that you’ll lap up this sequel and love it even more. If, like me, you haven’t, then you will desperate to read Rachael’s previous novel in order to find out how Kate and Roddy met and the history behind their relationship.
Full of action, romance and surprises with a truly beautiful setting, Sealed With a Christmas Kiss is the perfect way to spend a December evening by the fire…



As the storyline of Sealed With a Christmas Kiss develops Christmas quickly approaches, meaning there’s plenty of festivities to keep my insatiable appetite for all things Christmassy satisfied. The ending in particular is as sparkly as a multi pack of tinsel and definitely had me feeling very festive (and quite soppy and loved-up too…)

With a massive Christmassy thanks to publishers, Pan, for approving me to read this title on NetGalley.

Rachael LucasRachael lives by the seaside in Southport with her partner and their blended family of six children. Occasionally she manages to write a sentence without being interrupted.

Having travelled from the Highlands of Scotland to Australia and back as a child, studied in Northern Ireland, and then worked in Germany, Rachael settled on the Island of Bute in her twenties, where the idea for her first novel Sealed with a Kiss was born.

She’s currently working on a third novel.

Rachael Lucas  | Website  | Twitter  |   Facebook  |

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