Cover Reveal: Catching Lightning by Katie Stephens

I’m delighted to reveal the cover of Catching Lightning by Katie Stephens which is released on 23rd January 2015.
Romance fans may already be aware of Katie as her debut novel Candles on the Sand reached number 1 in the Amazon Romance Chart and number 2 in the Kindle Bestsellers Chart  (click here to get hold of your copy if you haven’t already…)

Feast your eyes on this GORGEOUS cover…



You never know where or when lightning will strike but when it happens on a trip back to Kenya to bury your parents you know the timing isn’t great. 

Mel has spent the past 14 years resenting her parents for abandoning her at a boarding school in England while they went back to Kenya, a country she hates, to run an orphanage and school for their charity.  A tragic accident forces her to return to Kenya for her parents’ funeral but meeting the gorgeous, English educated Sam was not part of the plan.   Finding her mother’s diaries reveals a lot of unanswered questions and the discovery of a detailed itinerary of a trip round Kenya that her parents dreamed of making with her makes Mel realise that maybe she had things wrong.   Will taking the trip make her fall in love with the man, the country, neither or both?






Katie Stephens works in PR and lives in Surrey with her husband Will and two young daughters.

In 2008 Katie signed herself up for a creative writing course and absolutely loved it.  She then found herself spending all her spare time (not much with 2 young children) at the computer.  Her first novelCandles on the Sand, set on the Amalfi Coast, was published in 2011 and went on to become an Amazon bestseller.

Katie Stephens   | Website  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |

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