Bookish Reasons to be Happy: February

I enjoyed putting together my ‘Bookish Reasons to be Happy’ post last month so much that I’ve decided to make it a monthly feature. So here I am again with a list of bookish related things that will (hopefully!) put a smile on your faces and help you to forget the dark, the cold and all of the days on the calendar left until spring. Prepare for your excitement levels to rise and most importantly BE HAPPY!


Harry Potter Night. Any Harry Potter fan worth their weight in Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans will already know about this, I’m sure. But just incase you’ve been living in Azkaban for the last few weeks, Thursday 5th February sees the launch of the first ever Harry Potter Night! Bookshops and libraries over the country will be holding special events and parties to celebrate our favourite wizard – click here to visit the official website and find out more. I love Harry Potter; which is why I’m extremely excited about this. Whilst I’m not going to any events myself, I am planning on holding a Harry Potter themed Chatterbooks group at the library where I work (click here to find out more about Chatterbooks). I have even bought some REAL Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans for the children to sample (complete with earthworm and earwax flavour…yum!)




♥ National Libraries Day. Ok, I’m slightly biased about this but on Saturday 7th February I will DEFINITELY be celebrating National Libraries Day. (Click to find out more.) There are stacks of events going on at your local library – plus giveaways, readings, activities, offers (my library has a fines amnesty going on, so if you haven’t used your card in ages because of that big scary fine you’ve amassed then visit your library and you never know – maybe they’ll waive it if they’re as nice as mine!) If you love your library then it’s easier than you think to help it out – just USE IT! Go in and borrow the maximum amount of books you’re allowed (come on books lovers; that’s not a difficult challenge is it!?) Libraries are so, so important to me and not just because I work in one, so show your local library some love this Saturday.

National Libraries Day. Use it, love it, join it!


♥ Mystery/Thrillers. I’ve always enjoyed reading crime/thriller/mystery novels, but just recently my love of this genre has massively stepped up a gear. I think it started when I first read Gone Girl back in 2013, but after reading some fantastic thrillers this year including The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins and You Think You Know Me by Clare Chase and completely loving them, I am hungry to read more. Some that I’m particularly looking forward to are The Ice Twins by S.K. Tremayne, Second Life by S. J Watson, Disclaimer by Renee Knight, The Girl in the Red Coat by Kate Hamer, The Distance by Helen Giltrow, The Shut Eye by Belinda Bauer and Silent Scream by Angela Marsons. I love the element of suspense to these kinds of novels and they sound like they’re certain to keep me up waaaay past my bedtime.



Romance. Whether you like it or not Valentine’s Day is on the horizon, but rather than examining my love life, I’ve decided to instead examine some of my all-time favourite romance novels. After all, romance has never been so seasonal! Some of my all time favourite romance authors include Katie Fforde, Jill Mansell, Trisha Ashley and Cecelia Ahern, but there are hundreds more… If you’re looking for a lovely, fuzzy, romantic read this February 14th then I’m going to be blogging about some of my favourites nearer the time.


Restoring Grace  Take a Chance on Me Every Woman For Herself How to Fall in Love


♥ Penguin – Michael Joseph. I love publishers Penguin and their imprint, Michael Joseph, anyway, BUT the titles they have due for release over the next few months are simply amazing! I’m talking Wish You Were Here by Catherine Alliott (26th Feb), The Day We Disappeared by Lucy Robinson (9th April), What She Left by T.R. Richmond (23rd April), Only We Know by Karen Perry (4th June), The Good Girl by Fiona Neill (9th April), When We Were Friends by Tina Seskis (23rd April)… Ok, enough. But do you see what I mean?? WOAH.




3 thoughts on “Bookish Reasons to be Happy: February

    • Clare! How could I not mention You Think You Know Me? It was one of the books that encouraged my love for thrillers. I’ve amended & apologise for missing you out! x


      • Gosh, Holly – it truly didn’t cross my mind that you should mention mine! Hugely nice of you to add it in though – you are kind. I was just enjoying the recommendations. Always lovely to have tempting ideas about what to read next! 🙂 x


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