Let’s Talk Romance…Authors

♥ Happy Valentines Day! ♥

In celebration of this day full of love I’m going to talk about one of my favourite things (no, not shoes…) Romance! Ahhh. I adore a good romance – y’know the kind. You’ve got your feisty heroine who has been hurt in the past and is determined not to get close to anyone again, then there’s the drool-worthy hero who starts out being incredibly infuriating, but then does something just so bloomin’ sweet you want to climb into the pages and give him a big old hug when it looks as though the heroine’s still going to turn him down. (She doesn’t, of course…)

Although I love romance as a genre, there are so many different types of romance novel. You’ve got historical, contemporary, suspense, erotica, young adult, humorous… The list goes on. My favourites are probably humorous romance and contemporary; but I thought that rather than talk about my favourite romance novels (there’s too many) I’d talk about my favourite romance authors. If you’re looking for a romantic read this Valentine’s Day then pick a book by one of these authors and you won’t go far wrong…


Katie Fforde 

Katie Fforde is one of my all time favourite authors anyway, but one of the things I love most about her novels is how utterly and completely romantic they are. If you’re feeling down or in need of some cheering up then pick up one of Katie’s novels – sometimes you just want to read something lovely that you know will have a happy ending, but has a strong storyline and characters too.

My recommended Katie Fforde Valentine’s read is Paradise Fields.

Paradise Fields

Jill Mansell ♥ 

Jill Mansell was one of the first romance authors I ever read and I haven’t looked back since. She is an incredible writer who never lets me down. Her books are always in the most beautiful of settings, have juicy plot lines and are brilliant at giving you that warm, bookish glow of satisfaction.

My recommended Jill Mansell Valentine’s read is The Unpredictable Consequences of Love.

The Unpredictable Consequences of Love


Trisha Ashley 

I love Trisha Ashley and her distinct style of writing. I always find her books to be so much fun, fast-paced and full to the brim of humour.  Trisha’s stories are comforting, with wonderfully drawn (and often quirky!) characters, and offer the perfect escape from real life.

My recommended Trisha Ashley Valentine’s read is Every Woman For Herself.

Every Woman For Herself


♥ Cecelia Ahern 

Cecelia’s books have always been something special to me. I love how they incorporate an element of magic alongside friendship, life and romance. Her storytelling is unique and will completely transport you to another world. I have adored every single one of Cecelia’s books and I can’t ever see that changing. If you’re looking for something that bit different from the norm that will make you laugh, cry, smile and think, then try Cecelia’s books. If you haven’t read any of her novels then you are missing out. TRUST ME!

My recommended Valentine’s Cecelia Ahern read is How To Fall In Love.

How to Fall in Love


Carole Matthews 

Carole Matthews is the Queen of romantic comedy. You can never go wrong with her books; they’ll draw you in, make you chuckle and having you scrabbling at the pages to find out what happens. Carole’s books are the equivalent of a steaming mug of hot chocolate (with cream, marshmallows AND chocolate sprinkles) and will always leave you feeling so much better for reading them. Carole writes with such warmth, humour and most importantly – LOVE.

My recommended Valentine’s Carole Matthews read is Summer Daydreams.

Summer Daydreams


Who are your favourite romance authors? What will you be reading this Valentine’s Day? Let me know in the comments or share your own lists with me on Twitter @BookaholicHolly. 


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