Book Review: Fudge Berries and Frogs’ Knickers by Lynda Renham

Fudge Berries and Frogs’ Knickers (A Romantic Comedy)

Fudge Berries and Frogs’ Knickers by Lynda Renham
Release Date: 22nd January 2015
Publisher: Raucous Publishing
Buy: Paperback | Kindle
5 star


Poppy Wellesley is rich. In fact Poppy Wellesley is very rich, so when her fortunes change from riches to rags Poppy has to start a whole new life. Put yourself in her Guccis as she swaps her penthouse apartment for a run-down houseboat on Regent s Canal. Meet her dippy friend Chelsea, the infamous Jack Diamond (see The Dog s Bollocks) and her hunky boat neighbour, Taylor. Will Poppy hold on to her millionaire fiancé or will Pug-face Pandora steal him from her? Can she avoid the advances from Balls (Lord Balthazar Wyndham-Price) or does she find true love on the canal? Fudge Berries and Frogs Knickers is a romantic comedy roller coaster ride that will put a smile on your face and a cheer in your heart.



Everyone loves a good old rags-to-riches-type story right? I know I do. So how about a story in the complete reverse?
Fudge Berries and Frogs’ Knickers tells the (riches-to-rags) story of Poppy Wellesley. Poppy is forced to give up her luxury lifestyle when her family assets are frozen and she loses everything – the big house, swanky friends and generally the lifestyle in which she has become accustomed to. Poppy is forced to practically start her life over again as she takes up residence in a houseboat and has to find a job (The horror!).
However, it soon appears that Poppy’s new life is not all bad (in other words she meets her handsome new neighbour Taylor Havers…) But can she get used to this ‘being poor’ lark after all?

I have read a few of Lynda Renham’s titles in the past and completely loved them; but Fudge Berries and Frogs’ Knickers is by far my favourite. Lynda has such a top sense of humour which really shines through her writing making her novels extremely funny. There were moments in this book when I just could not stop laughing (I may have even chortled once or twice…THAT’S how good it was!)
I loved the premise for this story – it’s completely different from the norm and the majority of stories seem to be the other way round (e.g. poor characters becoming rich) so it was refreshing to read a different take on things. You’ll laugh, cry and sympathise along with Poppy as she adjusts to her new life. Poppy was a great character; ok so she may have been a teensy bit self absorbed at points but you can hardly blame the girl – just look at the life she’s been living all these years. Ultimately she is really likeable and one heck of an amusing character. I loved her. I also really liked Taylor (how could you not!?) Swoon alert; the guy sounds gorgeous…
Sorry – where was I?
The whole cast of characters are pretty brilliant actually and I especially liked Jack Diamond and Chelsea who was one of Poppy’s friends. This bunch of characters are realistic and you can’t help but bond with them, each in their own different way. They bring romance, fun and laughter in abundance to the whole story.
I am so in love with the title too – I mean how could you hear that title and not want to gobble this book up in one sitting!? It’s fun, promising and hugely intriguing…

This is a delightful story full of romance, laughter, friendships and new starts. If you’re looking for a chirpy adventure of a story then one click Fudge Berries and Frogs Knickers now. It’ll keep you gripped, keep you guessing and take your mind off your own problems whilst you’re buried within its pages.

A huge thank you to Raucous Publishing for sending me a copy of Fudge Berries and Frog’s Knickers to read and review. 


Lynda RenhamLynda Renham writes romantic comedy novels. Lynda s novels are popular, refreshingly witty, fast paced and with a strong romantic theme. Lynda has been likened in style to Sophie Kinsella but writes with a down-to-earth humour. She lives in Oxford UK and she has appeared on BBC radio discussion programs and is a prolific blogger. When not writing Lynda can usually be found wasting her time on Facebook.

Lynda Renham  | Website  | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads |


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