Bookish Reasons Why I Love My Mum…

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the fabulous Mum’s out there. I hope you are all spoilt rotten and showered with lovely gifts (mainly of the book, chocolate or shoe variety…)

There are a million reasons as to why I love my Mum, but seeing as books are such a huge part of my life and I mostly have my Mum to thank for that, I thought I’d share some of the (bookish) reasons as to why I think my Mum is so great. *Cheese alert*

♥ My Mum was the one who took me to my local library after school, signed me up and let me loose in the Children’s section. She was also the one who would complain when I choose ten of the heaviest, biggest books I could possibly find, but she was also the one who would still carry them all the way home for me.
♥ My Mum is the one who would sit and listen to me read my Biff, Chip and Kipper books. She would help me with those tricky words that I couldn’t quite master and she would test me on my reading words every week (the words you got right went into the smiley faced envelope, the ones you couldn’t read went into the sad face envelope…)
♥ My Mum is the one who would not say a word when I grabbed my Rosie and Jim book and would ‘read’ it out loud (I actually prefered to make up my own stories and pretend I was reading it.) She never told me to ‘read it properly’ or to be quiet (This was usually my favourite thing to do when she was watching something on TV. Sorry Mum!)
♥ My Mum is the one who helped me draw my favourite book cover for World Book Day at school (it was Lady and the Tramp at the time) She also helped me dress up as Alice in Wonderland when I had to go to school dressed as a book character.
♥ My Mum is the one who would take me in WHsmiths and Waterstones when I was growing up and begged for a copy of The Killer Cat Diaries by Anne Fine – and she would buy it for me.
♥ My Mum is the one who tracked down Charlotte’s Web which my Year 4 teacher was reading to the class – and listened to me read it…over and over and over and over again (It was my favourite…)
♥ My Mum is the one who kept me in Jacqueline Wilson books when I hit teenager-dom. She is also the one who helped me study Macbeth for my Year 9 SATS. (She also took all of my moaning and teenage-strops like a pro…)
♥ My Mum is the one who never used to moan about the sheer amount of books I had all over my bedroom floor (ok, she may have mentioned it once or twice but she still let me get away with it. On the whole. Aherm.)
♥ My Mum is the one who never complained when books I had ordered arrived through the post and she has to take them in.
♥ My Mum is also the one who never complains when I start rabbiting on about a really good book that I’m reading. Whenever I ask her ‘Can I tell about what’s happening in this amazing book?’ She always says yes, despite what it’s about and if it interests her or not.

I have a lot to thank my Mum for; one of the biggest being my love of books and reading which she has passed down to me and instilled into my brain. So thank you Mum, oh, and can I tell you about this REALLY good book that I’m reading at the moment….?


Happy Mothers day! 



8 thoughts on “Bookish Reasons Why I Love My Mum…

  1. Love this post! I’m very much the same, my mum introduced me to books and reading, encouraged me to take part in library reading challenges when I was younger, read to me in bed (Harry Potter and Narnia!) and bought me books. I have a lot to thank her for! Happy Mothers Day to your mum! xx

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  2. I loved reading this post, Holly. It made me think of precious times with my own Mum. Biff, Chip and Kipper bring back happy memories too – I read them with my kids when they were in primary school. Thanks for sharing!

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