Choc Lit News!

I absolutely adore Choc Lit and their wonderful books and authors. They produce top-quality romantic fiction; some historical, some are thrillers, some fantasies, some with some very dreamy heroes…but one thing all of their titles have in common is that they are fantastic. I am yet to read a novel published by Choc Lit that I haven’t loved; I know I’m always guaranteed a good ‘un when I crack the spine of one of their books.

Which is why (as a self confessed NetGalley addict!) I’m thrilled that their catalogue has now been added onto NetGalley for us reviewers, bloggers, librarians and general book-obsessives to enjoy.

To take a look at the titles that are available and to request click here. (I’m liking the look of How I Wonder What You Are by Jane Lovering and The Soft Whisper of Dreams by Christina Courtenay…)


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