Bookish Reasons to be Happy: April 2015

Here we are – April has officially arrived! Along with the lighter nights, Easter eggs, bank holidays and (possible?) warmer weather comes another load of bookish reasons to be happy. April is a brilliant month for new book releases, so what better way to spend the Easter break then heading to your favourite book shop, making a purchase or two and bringing home your loot to enjoy with a creme egg (or two..?)


World Book Night

The 23rd April sees the annual celebration that is World Book Night. Run by The Reading Agency, World Book Night sees lots of book-loving volunteers give out hundreds of thousands of books in their communities to share their love of reading with people who don’t read regularly or own books themselves. I have always been a fan of World Book Night and I would like to have a go at being a volunteer one year. I think it’s such a worth-while cause and a truly brilliant idea.

Even if you’re not an official volunteer this year you can still register to give out copies of your own choice of book (which you provide yourself) Click here to find out more. I think World Book Night is a brilliant opportunity to share books with those who, for whatever reason, don’t have access or aren’t inclined to read regularly. After all – what better present is there to receive than a book?


♥ Going Pre-Order Crazy

A ton of my favourite authors are bringing out new releases over the next few months, which is fabulous in itself. What’s even more exciting is that the covers are being revealed and the books are officially up for pre-order! I’m stupidly excited about Catch Me if You Cannes by Lisa Dickenson (released 1st May 2015), The Heavenly Italian Ice Cream Shop by Abby Clements (released 2nd July 2015),  Things We Do for Love  by Alice Peterson (released 10th September 2015), Always the Bridesmaid by Lindsey Kelk, The Sun in Her Eyes by Paige Toon (released 7th May 2015). It might be a few months or more until the books are released, but I just LOVE seeing the covers appear on Amazon (and drooling over them a tiny bit, too…)



♥ April’s New Releases

The books out this month are enough to make even the grumpiest of grumpy people happy, simply because there are SO MANY GOOD ONES. I’ve whittled it down to the ones I’m most, most, MOST excited about and they are The Vintage Guide to Love and Romance by Kirsty Greenwood, The Day We Disappeared by Lucy Robinson, That Girl From Nowhere by Dorothy Koomson, The Vintage Cinema Club by Jane Linfoot, Love at First Flight by Tess Woods  Letters to the Lost by Iona Grey, The Lie by C.L Taylor, The Doris Day Vintage Film Club by Fiona Harper, The Robot in the Garden by Deborah Install, The Love Shack by Jane Costello and One Small Act of Kindness by Lucy Dillon. These are not even all of them. I might possibly fizz over with excitement in a minute.

Love At First Flight One Small Act of Kindness The Love Shack


♥ Being a Book Blogger

This one isn’t specific to April, it’s purely a year-round reason to be happy but I thought I’d include it because I am having so much fun being a book blogger at the moment. The resources open to bloggers such as NetGalley and BookBridgr, the opportunities that blogging brings and of course the people that blogging enables you to connect with are all amazing. The fact that I can let an author know how much I’ve loved their book, whether it be via Twitter or through a blog post is so exciting. If I read a good book then I want to shout about it from the rooftops (and being a book blogger is the next best thing…plus I’m not great with heights so that was never really going to work…) I love receiving recommendations from other bloggers (my bank account less so) and most of all I love discovering new authors that I possibly wouldn’t have come across unless I had been blogging, including self-published authors. I just wanted to put it out there how much I am enjoying this little hobby of mine at the moment and I will always be thankful to those of you who encouraged me to start and who take the time to visit/read/comment/chat.
I have said it before and I’ll say it again – bookish people are some of the nicest people in-the-whole-world-ever. That is a fact.



6 thoughts on “Bookish Reasons to be Happy: April 2015

    • What a lovely, bubbly upbeat bookish post. I am lucky enough to be a World Book Night volunteer this year so I’m so excited by that. I agree that book blogging is so much fun and I dont know what I’d do without mine now.

      Gill x

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  1. Absolutely agree with all those bookish reasons to be happy. Loving being a book blogger and budding author (hopefully.) The more you read the better your writing gets. The two go hand in hand they are the perfect companions.


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