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I’m delighted to be able to welcome HarperImpulse author, Nic Tatano to Bookaholic Confessions in celebration of the fabulous HarperImpulse Fortnight (#HIFortnight – You can visit Katey’s blog, Books with Bunny to find out more!) Here Nic spills the beans on his latest Jillian Spectre novel, reveals which of his novels has been the most fun to write and lets us know what he’s working on next…

Hi Nic, a big, warm welcome to Bookaholic Confessions! Thank you so much for participating in this interview to celebrate Harper Impulse Fortnight. Would you like to start by introducing yourself…?

First, thanks for inviting me! I write rom-coms and paranormal young adult novels for HarperImpulse, an imprint of HarperCollins. I also write thrillers under the pen name Nick Harlow. I spent my career working in television news as a reporter and anchor, and still work as a freelance field producer for all the major networks and syndication shows. I grew up in Connecticut just outside New York City and now live in the Gulf Coast near Pensacola, Florida. Married 25 years to an absolute saint. She’s a redhead, which is the reason all my heroines are redheads.

Can you tell us a bit about your latest novel, Jillian Spectre and The Dream Weaver? (Released 16th April 2015)

Jillian, the spunky teenager with paranormal powers who saved the world in the first book is back, facing another villain determined to not only take down society but break up the relationship with her boyfriend and close friends. The Dream Weaver is a challenging foe for her, and she must use all her powers and those of her friends to defeat the villain.

Jillian Spectre and The Dream Weaver is actually book two in your Jillian Spectre series. Would you recommend reading The Adventures of Jillian Spectre first or can book two be read as a standalone?

You’d be lost if you simply started reading this book if you hadn’t read the first one.

Your Jillian Spectre series is classed as Young Adult, whereas you’ve also written a variety of adult fiction too. Do you prefer writing one genre over another?

I enjoy them all, and like the change of pace. I usually have two or three books of different genres going at once, so whatever my mood is determines what I work on for that particular day. (As I write this I just finished doing my taxes, so I’m going to work on my thriller and kill off a character.) A lot of people assume romances are formulaic and therefore easier to write, but I put as much work into coming up with a clever plot in those as anything else.

What made you decide to write a series of Young Adult novels?

I missed Harry Potter. Okay, long pause for eye rolls from those saying, “So, he thinks he can follow J.K. Rowling?” Not at all. What I missed was the sense of wonder and positive tone of the books. While I’ve enjoyed books like the Hunger Games, I wanted to write something more uplifting and fun for young adults that was also pretty clean with traditional values. A lot of YA books are very dark. While Jillian Spectre books are good versus evil, there are a lot of laughs along the way. You can have an adventure and still smile.

As we’re celebrating the awesomeness that is Harper Impulse, what do you love most about being a Harper Impulse author?

Geez, you got about an hour? The personal attention is amazing. I’ve heard horror stories from other authors who can’t get their phone calls returned, find out the publicist quit just before release day, etc. One author sold a book and it kept getting pushed back until three years passed before it was published. The HarperImpulse staff knows your name, your talent, and how to market you. Charlotte Ledger is a terrific editor who makes my books better without changing the story. I had lunch with Publishing Director Kimberley Young when I was in New York, and it became clear they had a career plan for me. And the cover artists, Alex Allden and Becky Glibbery have done wonderful work for me. I don’t know too many authors who are asked for input on book covers, but I’m always asked how I envision them even though I can’t draw stickmen.

Which of yours books has been the most fun to write?IT GIRL

I’d have to go with “It Girl” which is my “across the pond” rom-com featuring an American heroine and British hero. I asked the HarperImpulse UK authors for some British slang that could be taken as suggestive and had a great time weaving the “lost in translation” elements into the plot. And I got real attached to the heroine, Veronica Summer, while writing it. I still miss her.

Of course the book that took the most effort with what I consider to be my most clever plot is the one that never sells. It’s a thriller called “The End” and it combines politics, television news and angels. I’ve always thought it would make a good movie.

Who are your favourite authors and what kind of books do you enjoy reading?

When I was growing up I loved Sidney Sheldon and Jacqualine Susann’s books. “Borrowed” them from my mother while she was at work. The early Steven King books are on the shelf. The Stand is my favourite. I discovered Meg Cabot a few years ago and love her voice.

I like romantic comedies, political thrillers, sci-fi (Star Trek) and non-fiction books on politics and sports.

And finally – can you tell us a bit about what you’re working on at the moment?

Well, I just finished my latest rom-com titled “Cover Girl” and I’ve got two other projects going. One is a young adult book called “Ascension” and the other is a political book called “Hit List.”


A huge thank you to Nic to participating in this interview and to Katey from Books with Bunny for having me on board HI Fortnight. 

Click here to get your copy of Nic’s latest novel, Jillian Spectre & the Dream Weaver.


I’m Nic Tatano, HarperCollins RomCom author. I also write thrillers & young adult novels.

I also work as a freelance network television producer. So when I’m not setting up live shots in the middle of the night I’m channeling my inner author. (Get it? Television… channel…)

My books are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and just about everywhere else.

Feel free to contact me at

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  1. I’m in awe of how many books you’ve written in the time I’ve ‘known’ you. Please keep them coming! I think I need to look up Nick Harlow to fill the gap before ‘Cover Girl’ comes out.


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