Guest Post: My Reading and Writing Confessions by Zara Stoneley


My reading and writing confessions by Zara Stoneley


I can’t write a book until I’ve decided upon a title. When I first get an idea, which always consists of the main character, beginning and end of a story, I’ll plan out the first few chapters and sketch out the characters, but I can’t get any further until I’ve worked out the title.

I often type with a cat sat across my wrists. So I have to rely on touch typing as I can’t see the keyboard properly, or the bottom half of the laptop screen. This is not to be recommended and said cat sometime ends up adding gibberish to my manuscript if he jumps up suddenly. But if I’m in full flow I can’t stop!


I do most of my writing sat on the settee. It’s bad for my back and shoulders and my physio banned me from doing it. My physio also said I should get up and walk round after 20 minutes of typing. I quite often lose track of time and type for 2 hours without pause, just stopping when I need coffee or the loo. Oops!


Coffee is an essential for me. I’m grumpy and uncommunicative until I’ve had my first cup. Don’t try and talk to me or expect me to write a single word.


I used to quite often read the end of a book when I was half way through. Just to make sure it was worthwhile carrying on (I hate bad endings). Sorry. I have now grown up and stopped doing that. I also buy books on the basis of reading the first page, and if I don’t like the writing style then I’m afraid I tend to stop – however many recommendations I’ve had for the book. Life’s too short, and there are too many brilliant books, to struggle through something I really don’t want to read.


I love my kindle, and it’s brilliant for taking away, but reading a paperback is best. And I never give them away. I’m a hoarder, they’re mine for life (which is leading to a storage problem). Seeing my first book published as an e-book was brilliant, but it didn’t seem real until I held a copy in my hand.



A huge thank you to Zara for this fantastic guest post in celebration of HarperImpulse Fortnight. ♥

Zara’s new novel, Country Affairs is released on the 14th May 2015. Click here to pre-order your copy.



Zara StoneleyBestselling author Zara Stoneley lives in deepest Cheshire surrounded by horses, dogs, cats and amazing countryside. When she’s not visiting wine bars, artisan markets or admiring the scenery in her sexy high heels or green wellies, she can be found in flip flops on the beach in Barcelona, or more likely sampling the tapas!

Zara writes hot romance and bonkbusters. Her latest novel, ‘Stable Mates’, is a fun romp through the Cheshire countryside and combines some of her greatest loves – horses, dogs, hot men and strong women (and not forgetting champagne and fast cars)!

She writes for Harper Collins and Accent Press.

Zara StoneleyWebsiteFacebookTwitter |





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