Book Review: Loved and Lost by Allison Christie

Loved and Lost

Loved and Lost by Allison Christie
Release Date: 7th December 2014
Publisher: Allison Christie
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Set in the fictitious British seaside town of Humburley, Abigail Milan, now 86, regales her home health aide with her younger self’s story of how she meets her first love, Allen Marco Eaton. Abby tells a story that breaks taboos, bristles with the electricity of first love and physical passion. Her tale is one of love and heartbreak that will take you on an emotional journey not to be missed.


Loved and Lost sees eighty six year old Abigail Milan reminiscing about her true love and first real relationship with her boyfriend Allen. Abigail charts their relationship from when they first clapped eyes on each other as sixteen year olds at the local arcade and all of the ups and downs their relationship experienced once they got together.
Abigail is telling the story to her carer, Carrie, and you as the reader are completely engrossed in the secrets Abigail is spilling as you feel like a fly on the wall, overhearing all of the deepest and darkest feelings that she went through with Allen as a teenager.

Loved and Lost is a delightful, realistic and emotional tale of what it feels like when you fall in love for the first time. Abby and Al got together during the 90s and as someone who grew up during that decade I loved the classic 90s references that Allison Christie included in the story. (Live and Kicking! Spice Girls perfume!)
Abby and Al’s relationship was very real in the sense that they experienced the emotions that most young lovers probably do. There was arguments, jealousy, accusations, lies, punch-ups, pregnancies and heartbreak. Ok, maybe this is young love in the extreme, but I’ve no doubt that there will be parts of their relationship that you will be able to relate to.
The way that Allison Christie portrays the relationship between Abby and Al will have you completely under the spell of romance yourself. I wanted things to work out for these two so badly. I felt their euphoria when they were together, I felt their separation anxiety when they were apart and the whole-encompassing feelings that come with a relationship of wanting to be with that person every hour of every day.
However, when these two characters fight, boy, do they fight. I’m going to be honest, Al had a tendency to be a bit of an idiot.  I didn’t know what he was playing at half the time and I wish he’d just decide what he wanted and stop messing everyone around. Abby was no angel but some of the things that she put up with from Al were crazy.
Loved and Lost is one of those books that will hold your attention right up until the very last page. It’s dramatic, exciting and you’ll constantly be wondering if these two will end up together in the end. All we know is that Abby is know in her 80s, but whether Al is a part of her life in any way or not remains to be seen…
I wasn’t expecting the end to jump up on me as quickly as it did, but I am hoping that we get another installment from Allison. I would love to read more about these characters and find out what happens in the next chapter of their lives. (Pretty please, Allison??) From the way things are left I keep telling myself that there MUST be more. THERE JUST MUST.

A juicy and engaging read that will certainly bring back one or two memories from relationships of your own and the sheer intensity of love.

A huge thank you to Allison for sending me a copy of Loved and Love to review. 


Allison ChristieAllison is thirty something and spends most of her life living in a unique dream world that she fondly refers to as Allison’s world. Allie has always loved to write but struggles with spelling and grammar this is a problem for her as we all know that the critiques are very unforgiving, but she has decided to Keep Calm and Carry on Writing.

Allie loves spending time with her family when she is not working as an PA (Yawn).

Most days from five onwards you will find her hiding away in her happy place with the love of her life her twenty four year old Scottish highland pony Monarch and little naughty Ferris.

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 to her carer, Carrie.


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