Happy Independent Bookshop Week 2015


As all book-shop lovers will know, Independent Bookshop Week officially started on Saturday. This year there is also going to be a IBW Bookshop Crawl on Saturday 27trh June which I am hugely excited about. You can find out more about IBW and how to take part here.

Another part of the celebration is the fabulous #giveabook – which encourages book lovers to buy a book for someone else and fill out one of the specially designed postcards which will be available at participating bookshops. Whether it’s for your Dad, best friend, cousin, work colleague or even a random person at the bus stop, I think this is a great way to spread some bookish love. I’m sure it has been scientifically proven that the best present you can give is a book.

For my contribution to the #BookShopCrawl I visited one of the best book shops in existence (which I believe some refer to as Waterstones.) I live in a small village in the county of Warwickshire and the amount of independent bookshops in my local area is pretty dire. In fact, it’s non existent. The nearest one is sadly a long way away (but I shall be planning a day trip!) so Waterstones is pretty much my lifeline where bookshops are concerned.

I have visited my local branch of Waterstones for most of my life. When I was younger I would always find myself there after Christmas when I had some money burning a hole in my pocket and I’ve pretty much been there most weekends ever since.
The thing that I love most about Waterstones (or any independent bookshop in general…) is how when you step inside it’s  like you’re transported to another world. It’s easily as exciting as visiting Disneyland. There may be no Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck but you will find Sophie Kinsella, Jodi Picoult, Jane Austen, Katie Fforde, Agatha Christie, Cecelia Aherne, J. K Rowling, David Walliams,. (Not PHYSICALLY, obviously. Although what a party that would be…) There is just so much to look at, to choose from and to discover. Sometimes it’s difficult to know where to start. Although, if you’re interested my order of preference is the ‘New Books’ section, the ‘Buy One Get One Half Price’ table, Crime, Fiction A-Z, Young Adult and Non-Fiction to finish (usually my arms are pretty full by this stage.)
The other thing that I love most about visiting Waterstones is how I can go in not looking for anything particular and then as soon as I get inside I spot a book that I just HAVE to have, even though I didn’t even know it existed five seconds ago. I think that’s probably my favourite thing about visiting bookshops…just being able to browse the array of books on offer. That rush of excitement when you spot a new book out by one of your favourite authors that you didn’t know about.
Of course there are so many other things I love about visiting my favourite bookshop; the smell of new books which for me signals the smell of adventure, the squishy chairs, the wonderfully knowledgeable booksellers, the calm atmosphere, the gathering of other customers who love books just as much as I do, getting into a random conversation with a stranger about how much you loved a certain books. There is just so much to be gained by visiting your local bookshop. It’s a ritual which I will certainly be partaking in during Independent Bookshop Week and one in which I intend on continuing for many years to come…

Now onto the really good stuff. What did I buy on my #BookShopCrawl? WELL. There is a book that I’ve been admiring for a while (in other words I have forlornly taken it off the shelf and looked wistfully at it) and seeing as its Independent Bookshop Week, what better way to celebrate than by treating myself to a book ABOUT BOOKS. That’s right, I purchased this beauty…

photo 1

The Book Lovers’ Anthology: A Compendium of Writing about Books, Readers and Libraries.

This book is fantastic and a dream for any lover of books, bookshops and libraries. I highly recommend it and I haven’t really put it down since I purchased it. Everything in it is just SO true and if you’re looking to #giveabook to a fellow book lover this week then THIS is the book you need!


Be sure to let me know all about your #bookshopcrawl and what you are doing to celebrate Independent Bookshop Week 2015. After all – it’s a week where you’re encouraged to go shopping and buy books. WHAT COULD BE BETTER??


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