Book Review: Summer at Tiffany’s by Karen Swan

Summer at Tiffany's

Summer at Tiffany’s by Karen Swan
Release Date: 2nd July 2015
Publisher: Pan
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Cassie loves Henry. Henry loves Cassie. With a Tiffany ring on her finger, all that Cassie has left to do is plan the wedding. It should be so simple but when Henry pushes for a date, Cassie pulls back.

Henry’s wild, young cousin, Gem, has no such hesitations and is racing to the aisle at a sprint, determined to marry in the Cornish church where her parents were wed. But the family is set against it, and Cassie resolves to stop the wedding from going ahead.

When Henry lands an expedition sailing the Pacific for the summer, Cassie decamps to Cornwall, hoping to find the peace of mind she needs to move forwards. But in the dunes and coves of the northern Cornish coast, she soon discovers the past isn’t finished with her yet?



I am a huge fan of Karen Swan’s novels and when I heard about Summer at Tiffany’s I was one very excited book blogger, especially because the novel involves us re-visiting the fabulous Cassie who I grew to love whilst reading Christmas at Tiffany’s.
When we re-join Cassie everything is hunky dory…Well, almost. She has the gorgeous Tiffany ring and her dream fiancé in the shape of Henry. All that is left to do now is to set a date. Only suddenly Cassie doesn’t seem so keen on the idea. Is she doing the right thing?
At the opposite end of the scale you have Henry’s care-free, fun-loving cousin, Gem. Gem is desperate to tie the knot and longs to get married in the idyllic church in Cornwall where her parents tied the knot. The only problem is, her family are less keen on the idea and it falls to Cassie to make Gem see sense. But how can she advice Gem on her love life when she’s in such turmoil over her own…?

There is something that I just love about Karen Swan’s writing. She has this incredible way of setting the scene and you really can see the story playing out before your very eyes. Her vivid descriptions really bring the gorgeous-sounding settings to life and her storytelling is utterly addictive.
Whilst this is by no means a short read at 352 pages, it really doesn’t feel as though it’s a novel of that length. Time just flew when I was reading this and it’s one of those books that you turn the pages without even noticing…Then suddenly you look up at two hours have passed. Whoops.
With stories of this length you sometimes find dips in the story where nothing really that interesting is happening, but not with Summer at Tiffany’s. There are no lulls whatsoever and Karen will capture your attention and keep it right between the pages of the book for the whole story. There’s drama and excitement aplenty and you’ll be desperate to find out how things are going to turn out for the characters in the end.
In fact, another reason as to why I enjoyed Summer at Tiffany’s so much was partly due to the range of characters. As I mentioned earlier I was really looking forward to becoming reacquainted with Cassie and Henry, but I also really enjoyed reading about Gem. She was such a great character who I loved getting to know. I loved Cassie and Gem’s relationship and the fact that they were both adopting such opposite stances on their views of marriage made for a really clever and intriguing subject matter. Not to mention the fact of how things pan out for Carrie once she arrives in Cornwall and it looks as though she has rather a lot of thinking to do about her future…
The other great aspect to this novel is that it is in no way predictable. Y’know how with some novels you can see what’s going to happen 100 pages before you get there? Definitely not the case with Summer at Tiffany’s. It’ll keep you on your toes and there are plenty of surprises along the way.

Karen Swan is an author who just seems to keep on getting better and better. I am so pleased that we got to re-visit the fabulous gang from Christmas at Tiffany’s and I would really, really, really like to re-visit these character again at some point in the future. Whether we do get to meet them again or not, Karen Swan is definitely an author whose future books I will definitely be reading.

Summer at Tiffany’s is such a fast-paced, exciting read which is PERFECT for summer (The clue is in the title!) I cannot think of a better novel for keeping you company on your sun lounger this July.

A huge thank you to Katie at Pan Macmillan for having me on board the blog tour for Summer at Tiffany’s. 



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