Book News: #LoveLondon The Complete Collection by Nikki Moore

I have been sitting on this piece of VERY exciting, exclusive news for a few weeks now and it is an absolute miracle that I haven’t blurted it out. If you are a regular reader of my blog then you will know that I love HarperImpulse author, Nikki Moore. Nikki’s novels are just dreamy, jam-packed full of romance and humour and if you haven’t yet discovered her gorgeous novels and novellas then I suggest that you do. This fantastic piece of news might just provide you with the perfect opportunity…


A word from Nikki…


Firstly, thanks so much to the lovely Holly for exclusively revealing my exciting news!

Anyone who reads my blog or interacts with me on Facebook or Twitter will know how delighted, shocked and amazed I’ve been at the way readers, reviewers and bloggers have reacted to the #LoveLondon series over the past ten months. I’ve been so lucky to have such a great publisher and editor behind me (thank you HarperImpulse, Kim Young and Charlotte Ledger) and so grateful to get such lovely reviews, comments and support. The requests to write more books have made me grin too J Every review, mention or share really does mean a lot.

It’s been hard work but I’ve really enjoyed writing this series of novellas, finished off by the novel Picnics in Hyde Park which came out as an eBook in August. The characters have become my friends, and it was great fun getting them all back together in the novel.

So, I’m thrilled to share that we are publishing the whole #LoveLondon series in one book on 19th November!  I hope readers will like all of the stories being in one place, and that you adore the wintery London cover as much as I do.

It would be great to hear what you think, so please get in touch! N Moore Author Pic 1



 Love, Nikki x




LoveLondon 70

You can probably tell how excited I am about this as a huge fan of both Nikki’s and the #LoveLondon series. These stories have been so enjoyable and I am  chuffed that we’re going to be lucky enough to have them all together in one gorgeous book….And gorgeous is definitely the operative word – LOOK at that cover – it’s beautiful! I actually cannot stop staring…

I hope all my fellow bookaholics have marked 19th November in their bookish diaries because this is one winter release that you NEED. On your marks, get set… Add to your TBR!




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