Book Review: Clutch by Lisa Becker

Clutch: A Novel
Clutch: A Novel by Lisa Becker
Release Date: 15th October 2015
Publisher: Amazon Media
Buy: Kindle
5 star


clutch: a novel is the laugh-out-loud, chick lit romance chronicling the dating misadventures of Caroline Johnson, a single purse designer who compares her unsuccessful romantic relationships to styles of handbags – the “Hobo” starving artist, the “Diaper Bag” single dad, the “Briefcase” intense businessman, etc. With her best friend, bar owner Mike by her side, the overly-accommodating Caroline drinks a lot of Chardonnay, puts her heart on the line, endures her share of unworthy suitors and finds the courage to discover the “Clutch” or someone she wants to hold onto.


Everyone loves a gorgeous handbag, right? Therefore there is no better way for successful handbag designer, Caroline Johnson, to catalog her dating mishaps than by comparing each relationship in question with a form of purse. You’ve got Hobo (aka an artist who has fallen on hard times and sponges off Caroline in every way possible), Briefcase, (a hard-nosed business man) The Diaper Bag, (single Dad) and Wallet (likes to splash his cash). Whilst Caroline’s business designing handbags might be going from strength to strength, it’s clear that her love life leaves a lot to be desired. Thank Goodness she has her best friend Mike to help her to navigate the rocky road of love. Mike owns his own bar ‘The Last Drop’ and it is the perfect location for Caroline to bring in her dates for Mike to give them a discreet once over. Mike and Caroline met at Harvard and have been best friends ever since. In the early days of their friendship they slept together (ONCE!) but decided they definitely work out better as friends.
So will Caroline ever find her ‘Clutch’? The one relationship that she has to hold on to no matter what? After Hobo, Demi-Bag, Messenger, Doctor Bag and Diaper Bag it’s looking highly unlikely…

First things first. I love handbags. Second thing’s second, I also love Lisa Becker. Her online dating trilogy ‘Click’ is superb (check it out if you haven’t already!) Mix handbags and Lisa Becker together and what do you have? A winning combination of fashion, love, friendship and humour – that’s what…
I adored this book and everything about it. The format is a sure fire winner and the way that each chapter is characterized by a handbag which relates to the relationship Caroline finds herself in is such a genius idea! (In fact I might start comparing men to handbags in real life, it sounds kind of  fun…)
I loved starting each new chapter and guessing what kind of disastrous date Caroline would be subjected to just from the type of handbag used as the title. (Some were easier to guess that others. Messenger? Demi-Bag? I was intrigued!)
Lisa Becker has created some very memorable characters in Clutch. Caroline herself is a wonderful lead character; she’s fun, smart and loves handbags. Definitely my kind of girl. I also loved how she became more confidant as the story progressed and eventually was not afraid to speak up and to say how she really felt.
I loved the friendship between Caroline and Mike. Their squabbles, the fun they had together, the way they would tease one another. Their friendship was so convincing and I loved reading their analysis of Caroline’s dates – Mike is hilarious (and pretty shameless.)

Clutch is a fairly short read at 140 pages and it works so well. Don’t let the length of this novel fool you – the story is jam-packed and the characters well established. In fact I loved how short, sharp and witty this novel was. Once you start reading you won’t be able to stop and that’s just fine because Clutch is the ideal was to spend an afternoon. It’s fast and light yet fully satisfying.

I am SO excited about reading more of Lisa Becker’s novels, hopefully in the very near future. She manages to achieve the mix between romance, friendship and humour perfectly and I think she is going to be a big voice in chick-lit. She has such a smooth and unique style of writing that is immensely easy to read and brings the whole story fully to life.

Fashionista or not, Clutch is definitely this season’s must-have read.

A huge thank you to Lisa Becker for sending me with a review copy of Clutch. 



Lisa BeckerLisa Becker had endured her share of hilarious and heinous cyber dates, many of which inspired Click: An Online Love Story. She is now happily married to a wonderful man she met online and lives in Manhattan Beach with him and their two daughters. So, if it happened for her, there’s hope for you!


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