Book Review: Tinsel and Terriers by Cressida McLaughlin


Tinsel and Terriers (Primrose Terrace Series #4)

Tinsel and Terriers by Cressida McLaughlin
Release Date: 22nd October 2015
Publisher: Harper
Buy: Kindle   (Click here to get hold of all four episodes in A Christmas Tail)


Christmas is coming to Primrose Terrace, Pooch Promenade is doing brilliantly and Cat has made lots of new friends in the street, both dogs and their owners. Life seems good. Things start to go badly when Cat learns something about Mark that she wishes she hadn’t. Then, when one of Ellen’s lovable schnauzers, Chalky, gets ill, it looks like this Christmas could be turning into a dog’s dinner. But Cat has never given up on anything in her life – and this is one Christmas that’s definitely worth saving…

Tinsel and Terriers is the fourth and final part of a serialized novel told in four parts – all set in Primrose Terrace.


Christmas is on its was for the residents of Fairview and Cat is determined to celebrate with her friends (four legged and two legged!) The battle lines are well and truly drawn when she helps to organize a Christmas lights competition for the houses on Primrose Terrace. Two things are certain – it’s going to be brilliant and it’s going to be BRIGHT.
Not one to leave our furry friends out of the festivities, Cat decides that the dogs on the street should have a competition of their own this Christmas, too.
Meanwhile Cat’s still in turmoil about her relationship with Mark and she still can’t get Joe off her mind. However, her love life is the least of her worries when Ellen’s beloved schnauzer Chalky suddenly becomes ill. Will Chalky pull through? Who will win the Christmas lights competition? Why is neighbour Jessica suddenly flirting with Joe? What outfit will Ellen’s other schnauzer, Disco, wear to the fancy dress competition?

Christmas on Primrose Terrace is nothing if not eventful…

Episode four of Cressida McLaughlin’s wonderful Primose Terrace series is probably the one that I have been looking forward to the most. Any story set at Christmas is fine by me, but one that incorporates fun, romance, fancy dress and our four legged friends is a sure fire winner.
At the same time I was a bit sad that this was going to be the final installment. I honestly felt as though I could have read about Cat and her life running Pooch Promenade for ever. I have just loved so much about this series… the wonderful characters, the friendships they have formed and, ofcourse, the gorgeous setting of Fairview.
I know for a fact that these characters will stay with me for a long time. Cat is a dream to read about – she’s impulsive, adventurous and has a heart of gold. Her friendship with Polly is something very special and as for hoodie-loving Joe…well, he’s just special (and handsome *cough*)

Tinsel and Terriers melted my heart in more ways than one. You cannot read this story and not feel excited about Christmas. The atmosphere of the story is one that is full of anticipation and excitement over the impending festive season and it captures the magic of the time of year brilliantly.
This episode is also a bit of a choker. There were times when my heart was in my mouth and I was THIS close to bawling, whether that’s through happiness or sadness you’ll just have to wait and see…

Reading this story has been such a joy as it is right up my street. Romance, fun, friendships and dogs – I mean what more could you want from a story!?
The four episodes flow wonderfully and with characters that make such an impact you will never have trouble picking up where you left off. I have treated myself to the full collection, A Christmas Tail because this is just such a lovely book that I want to read it again, only this time as a full length novel. If you’ve been waiting for the full book to be released then buy it now! (Plus the cover is simply GORGEOUS! It’s the kind of book that will look lovely sat proudly on your bookshelf.)

There is no denying that Cressida McLaughlin is one heck of a talented writer. This is a stunning, assured and all-round wonderful debut and I cannot wait to read more of her books.

One for dog lovers and romance-lovers everywhere….

*Personal copy*


Cressy was born in South East London surrounded by books and with a cat named after Lawrence of Arabia. She studied English at the University of East Anglia and now lives in Norwich with her husband David.
Cressy’s favourite things include terrifying ghost stories, lava lamps and romantic heroes, though not necessarily at the same time. She doesn’t (yet) have a dog of her own, but feeds her love vicariously through friends’ pets, and was once chased around a field by a soaking wet, very mischievous Border Collie called Wags.
When she isn’t writing, Cressy spends her spare time reading, returning to London or exploring the beautiful Norfolk coastline.

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