Guest Post: Writing Tips For My Younger Self by Rachel Abbott

Writing Tips for my Younger Self By Rachel Abbott I’m not entirely sure that I would like to give my younger self many tips, to be honest. I think when I was younger I probably wouldn’t have taken much notice – but now that I’m older, and hopefully wiser, I would take any tips I […]

Extract: Kill Me Again by Rachel Abbott

Kill Me Again by Rachel Abbott 12 years ago – May 7th Sonia Beecham almost didn’t recognise the eyes staring back at her in the mirror. They were still pale blue, of course, but the pupils were slightly dilated with excitement, and the eyelashes were tinted with grey mascara – an unusual indulgence, but she […]

Guest Post: The Armchair Explorer by Hannah Fielding

The armchair explorer My favourite aspect of reading is its ability to transport you to another world. You can be sitting comfortably in an armchair at home, but simultaneously on a mountaintop or in an ocean or in a bustling city. The result is fabulous escapism coupled with a means of learning through exploration of […]