January in Books


Is it just me or did January feel like one of the longest months ever? Christmas is over, the nights are dark and no one has any money *sob*. Despite all this I read a pretty fabulous selection of books over the month including some wonderful debuts and a welcome return from some of my favourite authors.

I managed to read a grand total of 9 books in January (I’m still trying to work out if this is good or not? I think, by my standards, it’s not bad.) I started off at a really quick pace but once I returned to work after Christmas life got in the way and my TBR continued to grow.

The book I simply must start with has got to be The Girl in the Ice by Robert Bryndza. Everyone knows I love Robert Bryndza so when I discovered he was writing a serial killer thriller I was MEGA excited (I’m talking overdosed on e-numbers excited) So many bloggers have been talking about The Girl in the Ice and it completely lived up to my expectations. I quickly fell in love with DCI Erika Foster and I can’t wait for her return. Creepy, dramatic and addictive, my full review will be posted on publication date on the 12th February. I AM SO EXCITED!

Talking of favourite authors, three of my firm favourites had books in my January selection; Harriet Evans, Abby Clements and Amanda Brooke. Not one of them disappointed and I couldn’t get enough of returning to Winterfold with Harriet Evans’ A Winterfold Christmas. It felt SO good to be re-united with the Winter family. Abby Clements and Amanda Brooke offered up my favourite books of theirs to date with A Winter Wedding and The Child’s Secret. Add both to your TBR immediately if you’re fans of their writing…

Another author who made a very welcome return for me during January was Laura Wilkinson. I was completely captivated by her last novel, Public Battles, Private Wars so I had unnaturally high expectations for her latest release, Redemption Song, but it completely lived up to them and was everything I hoped it would be and more.

I also read two authors who were new to me this month. Jane Turley and Victoria Van Tiem. They both offered up funny, wise and hugely thought provoking books and are now firmly planted on my bookish radar.

Then on to debuts. I read two this month…Fans of the Impossible Life by Kate Scelsa and Look At Me by Sarah Duguid (which is released in February – my review will be up this week!) I loved both, however I wanted more from Fans of the Impossible Life as I felt such a strong connection with the characters. Apart from that it was great and definitely one to check out if you like YA.
Look at Me by Sarah Duguid was fascinating, quirky and full of emotion. I just ADORED this book and cannot wait for its release on the 25th February so I can chatter away about it with other bookaholics.

Which books did you read during January? 


3 thoughts on “January in Books

  1. It was a really long month, Holly! I read Robert’s book too and loved it! I’m so pleased he moved into my favourite area of thrillers. You have some super recommendations here and as soon as I emerge from the editing cave, I’ll be takingthem up. X

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  2. I’ve only just got around to reading this post, Holly. Thank you so much for the additional mention.As a debut novelist, it’s a struggle getting any visibility so I really appreciate it. Thank you so much:)


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