Book Review: Just Haven’t Met You Yet by Cate Woods

br1cateJust Haven’t Met You Yet by Cate Woods
Release Date: 11th February 2016
Publisher: Quercus
Buy: Paperback | Kindle


Percy James has everything a girl could want: a comfy flat, a steady relationship and a truly lovely group of friends. Then she is approached by Eros Tech. Eros is ‘the future of love’ – an agency that brings together soulmates using mobile data. Percy has been identified as a match for one of Eros’s super wealthy clients. The only problem is she already has a boyfriend . . . but what if this is *destiny*? Would you – could you – pass up a chance to meet your one true love?


After an unsuccessful job interview, Percy James realises that she is spending her whole life ‘waiting’. Waiting for the super-cool dream job that she was just made to do, waiting for slimmer ankles, waiting to become BFF’s with Nick Grimshaw. Whilst she’s doing all this waiting she’s not appreciating what she has in life; a good job, her own flat, brilliant friends and she is in a secure, loving (albeit safe) relationship. As Percy sets about changing her outlook on life and appreciating the here and now, she is contacted by a company called Eros Tech. Initially dismissing the letter as an attempt to get her to have a ‘BOGOF’ boob job or some other unique proposition, Percy is alarmed to learn that Eros Tech is an agency who are contacting her to tell her that they have found her soulmate. ‘WAIT!’ I hear you cry – ‘Isn’t Percy already in a relationship?’ Well, yes…And they are just about to move in together. But to be honest Percy has been having some serious doubts about her relationship with Adam lately. But how can she possibly pass up the chance to meet her soul mate…?

Ok, serious question. Where has Cate Woods been hiding all of my adult reading life!? (The actual answer to that is that she has been working as a ghost writer.) As her debut novel under her own name, Just Haven’t Met You Yet is going to be a huge hit for Cate, and I for one COULD. NOT. GET. ENOUGH.

Cate has such a strong, distinctive style of writing. She is insanely funny and her chatty, conversational tone will draw you in to the story immediately. Her characters are brought to life magnificently and you will find yourself quickly bonding with Percy and her friends and family. I love how Cate has created a female protagonist in Percy who is just like you and me. She often goes off in a world of her own which I think is something everyone can relate to. I love it when characters do this and there were times when Percy reminded me of the legend that is Becky Bloomwood from the beloved Shopaholic novels. She’s funny, realistic and I feel that so many readers our there will be able to identify with her. She also has a awesome name…Every strong lead character needs a good, strong name, right? And Percy – or Perseus – fits that bill perfectly. Cate has captured her personality and quirks brilliantly.

The quandary that Percy finds herself in when she is first contacted by Eros Tech is also a situation that will have you questioning as to what you would do if you were in her situation. It will really get you thinking – and whilst you might not always agree with Percy’s actions, you won’t be able to resist wanting to find out how things turn out for her.

The story flows so well and I loved how many surprises there were along the way. It’s based on such a good idea and it’s also a little bit mind boggling. I was intrigued to see how Cate Wood’s was going to put this idea into action and she most certainly didn’t disappoint.

I have heard so many readers saying that they are becoming a little disillusioned with chick-lit as a genre lately (I’m not including myself in this – I love it as much as I always have done…) but if you are one of those readers who are finding it all a bit ‘samey’ lately then READ THIS! It will completely restore your faith and remind you exactly why you loved the genre in the first place. It’s engaging, fresh, light and exciting and above all, inspiring. It has pushy parents, friendship, romance, humour, misunderstandings, and a character with a Michael Buble obsession. What more could you want!?

 A huge thank you to publishers, Quercus, for approving me on NetGalley to read and review Just Haven’t Met You Yet.


Cate Woods made the most of her degree in Anglo-Saxon Literature by embarking on a career making tea on programmes including The Big Breakfast, Who Wants to be a Millionaire and French & Saunders. After narrowly missing out on the chance to become a Channel 5 weather girl she moved into journalism, where she interviewed every famous John, from Prescott to Bon Jovi, ghostwrote a weekly column for a footballer’s wife and enjoyed a brief stint as one half of Closer magazine’s gossip-columnist duo, ‘Mr & Mrs Showbiz’. Cate left the magazine world in 2009 to pursue a full-time career ghostwriting celebrity autobiographies and novels. She lives in London with her husband (not Mr Showbiz) and two small children. Just Haven’t Met You Yet is her first novel under her own name.

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