Review: 50 Greatest Pets by I Am The Greatest

Today’s review is for something slightly different, as I wanted to share with you my experience with ordering a personalised book from a project called I Am The Greatest.

When I was approached by this scheme and asked if I would consider reviewing one of their non-fiction titles I was all for it. One of my ‘Reading Resolutions’ for 2016 was to read more non-fiction and as soon as I discovered a little more about I Am The Greatest and the service that they offer I was really keen to try the idea out.

I Am The Greatest is a project which was set up by David Graham in a bid to support a number of charities and it is SUCH a good idea. Basically you create your own book, choosing from the selection available on their website, be it 50 Greatest Footballers, 50 Greatest Style Icons or even 50 Greatest Grannies. The book features 49 famous faces which fit into your chosen category and – here’s the best bit – you or whoever you are designing the book for – feature as number 50.

image (4)I must admit I was in a quandary over which category to go for – there’s such an ample range to choose from – but really, there was only ever one subject I could go for and that was (of course!) 50 Greatest Pets.

I decided I was going to dedicate the book to my Mum and include my three miniature Dachshunds who I’m sure you all know by now, who are Rufus, Roly & Dennis.
When designing your book you will need up to two digital photos and you will also have to write a short biography or piece of text to be featured on your page. I was concerned that the designing process would be time consuming and perhaps a bit complicated for a technology novice like myself but I was amazed by how quick and easy it was to put together my book.


All that is required is for you to enter the names of the people (or pets!) you’d like featured in the book. then you move on to designing the layout of the front cover. You get to choose the colour of your book, along with the layout. You can also personally dedicate the book and then you move on to the ‘recipient page’ which is where your piece and your chosen photographs go.

The whole process took me about 5-10 minutes (And most of that was deciding what I wanted to write!) image (5)and I was massively impressed with how easy it was to put everything together.

Delivery was extremely prompt and is included in the overall price of the book (which is £29.50 for a hardback edition and £19.50 for the paperback – and don’t forget ALL profits go to charity.)

I was absolutely thrilled when my book arrived. I (naturally) had chosen a pink front cover and it looks so good. It’s bright, beautiful and wonderfully finished with colour photos on the front and back. Then the inside of the book is beautifully presented with glossy pages and full sized colour photos.
image (7)I had chosen to write a piece to my mum as if it were personally from my dogs (What!? I thought it was cute!) and this is featured on page 7 which was the second ‘person’ in the book out of the 50.

Not only was it wonderful to see my photographs and text included so professionally in my very own book, it was also an absolute joy to read about famous people and their pets. From the Obama’s and their dog Bo, to The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Lupo there are a vast array of stars, past and present, all sharing their love for their pets (whether it be dog, cat, horse, snake, monkey or tortoise.)

Beautifully presented, these books are a perfect gift for anyone of any image (8)age – I guarantee you will find a suitable category and the recipient will treasure it. My Mum was delighted with her copy (and with Mother’s Day coming up, maybe your Mum would be too…?) You know how some people are impossible to buy for, whether it be Christmas or Birthday or just to let someone know you care about them – these books are the solution to your present buying woes.

A brilliant service and with all profits donated to charity, what’s not to love? The perfect bookish present for your Mum/Dad/Grandma/Grandad/Fashionista/Football Fan/Yummy Mummy…

A huge thank you to Ellie at I Am The Greatest for the opportunity to review one of the scheme’s fabulous titles.

Visit the I Am The Greatest website or follow them on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram for more information.




5 thoughts on “Review: 50 Greatest Pets by I Am The Greatest

  1. How cool is this?! I love it. Especially the part about it going to charity. Shall have to check it out. And your little wiener dogs are adorable! My current foster dog has some dachshund in her and the manic energy and full-on affection is hysterical. We’re picking up a dachshund/chihuahua mixed puppy this Friday. I can only imagine…

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