Book Review: The Drought by Steven Scaffardi

The Drought by Steven Scaffardi Release Date: 4th March 2016 Publisher: Lad Lit Press Buy: Paperback | Kindle Rating: Steven Scaffardi’s The Drought is the laugh-out-loud tale of one man’s quest to overcome the throes of a sexual drought. After the stormy break-up with his girlfriend of three years, Dan Hilles is faced with the daunting […]

Book Review: Twisted River by Siobhán MacDonald

Twisted River by Siobhán Macdonald Release Date: 22nd March 2016 Publisher: Penguin Books Buy: Paperback | Kindle Rating: “She would never have fit as neatly into the trunk of his own car.” Limerick, Ireland: the O’Brien family’s driveway. American Oscar Harvey opens the trunk of his hosts’ car and finds the body of a woman, beaten […]

Book Review: A Year of Being Single by Fiona Collins

A Year of Being Single by Fiona Collins Release Date: 21st April 2016 Publisher: Carina Buy: Kindle Rating: BEST FRIENDS IMOGEN, FRANKIE AND GRACE DECIDE TO TEST WHETHER THE GRASS REALLY IS GREENER ON THE SINGLE SIDE OF THE FENCE… IMOGEN is supposed to be on the most romantic weekend of her life and instead […]

Guest Post: Book Deals & Champagne Flutes by Kristy Woodson Harvey

Book Deals and Champagne Flutes Kristy Woodson Harvey   “How are you doing?” my agent asked me. How was I doing? I think panicked pretty much summed it up. Anticipatory. Scared. Excited. Worried. Elated. Anxious. All of the above. Because it was the day. After months of submissions, a fortuitous contest win, and back and […]

Cover Reveal: Time After Time by Hannah McKinnon

Ok. Serious question. What is up with publishers, Avon, lately? They are bringing out the most AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL and FABULOUS-SOUNDING books lately. This one I am especially excited about and I have, once again, fallen in love with the cover. I’m talking about Time After Time by Hannah McKinnon which is due for release on […]