Book Review: One Hot Summer by Kat French


One Hot Summer
One Hot Summer by Kat French

Release Date: 2nd June 2016
Publisher: Avon
Buy: Paperback | Kindle

Being married to a celebrity isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, especially when that celebrity has a very public affair with his co-star…

Alice McBride is determined that the one thing she won’t lose in her marriage breakup is Borne Manor, her beloved home, but she gets more than she bargained for when she rents it out for the summer and a sexy cowboy comes to stay.

Country music star Robinson Duff has had his own share of heartbreak and needs somewhere quiet to hide out for the summer. Neither Alice nor Robinson are in any position for romance; the timing is terrible and they’re both rebounding like out of control frisbees.

Can a holiday romance help mend their broken hearts. Or will it just make things even worse when the long hot summer comes to its inevitable end?


When Brad McBride’s (very public) affair with his co-star hits the tabloids, Alice decides to show him the door. However, Alice looks in danger of losing their beloved house, Borne Manor, after their separation when she realises she can’t afford to keep it. Desperate to hold on to the beautiful Borne Manor, Alice concocts the perfect plan to raise some money which involves renting the place out whilst she essentially moves out and lives in a caravan at the bottom of a garden…(What else is a girl to do!?) However, what she hadn’t necessarily banked on was her tenant being a gorgeous American country singer who was recovering from some heartbreak of his own. Enter cowboy Robinson Duff. Sparks soon fly between the pair as their relationship blossoms, but is what they have really more than a business arrangement? After both being scorned in the past can they learn to open their hearts again or could this be a fleeting holiday romance?

Since reading Undertaking Love a couple of years ago I have been a huge fan of Kat French and her gorgeous, funny and super-sizzling writing. One Hot Summer sounded the perfect read to accompany me on a sunny day in the back garden and it quenched my thirst for some top-quality romance quite nicely…

Character-wise I was taken with Alice right from the off. I was, naturally, outraged at Brad’s behaviour and so proud of the way she behaved; kicking him to the kerb and doing all that she could to stay in the beautiful Borne Manor. Despite her tendency to make the best of a bad situation, it’s clear that Brad’s betrayal has deeply hurt her and I desperately wanted her to be ok, but most importantly, happy. When we meet our visitor from across the pond, the handsome yet sometimes slightly grumpy, Robinson, the story really starts to take off. Understandably wary of everyone after the betrayal of his wife, Robinson decides to take a break from life in the US and recharge his batteries. What better place to do so than a quaint English country manor house? Country star Robinson is also hoping to pen a few new songs whilst he’s on the run from his famous lifestyle and is looking forward to some peace and quiet. If only things were that simple.
What Robinson hadn’t banked on was his loveable, yet rather nutty, neighbours. There are several tenants on site who rent cottages from Alice and they are…erm…how can I put this? A colourful bunch. What I’m trying to say is they are bloomin’ brilliant. There’s Niamh, Alice’s best friend who is an artist (What’s so odd about that you ask? Well, her usual painting subject just happens to be the locals. Nude.) Hazel, who is a practising witch and owns a bird that likes to swear at passers-by and Stewie who is a seventies ex-porn star who has a fondness for wearing different colour wigs. I adored the cast of secondary characters just as much as I did the wonderful leads. They really added so much warmth, humour and imagination to the story. They were brilliantly crafted and their antics often made me snigger. As crazy as it sounds I also had no trouble imagining this whacky bunch. To me they were all very real, yet full of fun and humour at the same time.

The relationship between Alice and Robinson was full of spark, banter, and even a touch of magic. The fact that they both assume that this relationship is built on them being on the re-bound allows them to be freer with one another, as they always seem aware that things have will come to an end. After all, they are from such different backgrounds. It’s not like their relationship could go anywhere. (Right!?)  This makes their summer together all the more magical and Kat has written a swoon-some love story when it comes to these two. It’s hot, steamy & full of passion. It’s also sweet without being overly soppy or cringe-worthy, which is quite an achievement. These two characters and their relationship really captured my heart, along with the beautiful English setting. I had no trouble imagining the glorious-sounding gardens and surroundings that provided the backdrop for this story.

Kat is a really talented romance writer. The relationships she writes about are authentic and her characters are extremely well brought to life. Her writing seems to flow so well that the story envelopes you can completely transports you from real life for a time.

One Hot Summer is the perfect summertime accompaniment. Whether you’re off on your holidays or spending your summer in the back garden make sure you have this book by your side. British chick-lit at its very best…

Review copy received from publishers. Thank you!


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