Book Review: Love Is…By Haley Hill


Love Is...

Love Is… By Haley Hill
Release Date: 8th September 2016
Publisher: MIRA
Buy: Paperback  Kindle


Dating Agency doyenne Ellie Rigby always thought that helping people find love with the hard part.

But now she’s all loved up with husband Nick and has hundreds of matchmaking successes under her belt, Ellie ought to know all there is to know about love.

As her struggles to get pregnant put strain on her marriage, and her matchmaking service starts losing clients, Ellie realises she has so much more to learn. So setting off on a global research trip, Ellie makes it her mission to find out what makes love last forever, and whether it’s enough to save her own romance.



Ellie Rigby knows pretty much all there is to know about romance. Just take a look at all of the couples she has successfully put together through her matchmaking agency…
However, when a worrying trend starts to occur (invitations for divorce parties for her former clients!? Eeek!) Ellie realises that maybe there’s a special something that couples require to not only get together in the first place, but to actually stay together.
Despite being married to the wonderful Nick, Ellie’s own marriage isn’t looking too great at the moment either. Desperate to complete their fairytale with the logical next step of having a baby, Ellie is heartbroken when this proves more difficult than the pair first imagined.

So can Ellie find that elusive secret ingredient to save her business? And can she use it to work on her own marriage?

As soon as I read the synopsis for Love Is… I just knew that it was going to be one of those books that I would absolutely ADORE. It follows the formula of all good romantic comedies; there is fun, romance, heartbreak, exotic locations and stacks of humour.
I felt genuinely invested in the characters, particularly Ellie. She made for a wonderful heroine and is the kind of girl that anyone would love to have as their best friend. I wanted to support her, give her a great big hug and tell her that everything was going to be ok. Like any good lead in a rom-com, sometimes she will frustrate you with her lack of being able to see what has been there along, but ultimately she follows her heart and (usually) does the right thing.

One of the things I enjoyed most about Love Is… is the way in which is got me thinking about everlasting love. What is it that makes a love stand the test of time? It actually challenged my perceptions of what makes love…well, love, and how it means different things to different people. (I KNOW! That’s quite deep for me.)

Everything about this novel was thoroughly enjoyable. I can’t believe that I haven’t discovered Haley Hill’s wonderful writing sooner. She really does draw you in to the story with her outstanding writing and you’ll find yourself racing through the pages in a bid to discover which way things are going to go.

Full of heart, humour and fun, Love Is… is a must-read for fans of romance everywhere.

A huge thank you to Cara at HQ Stories for the opportunity to review Love Is…



Elect Club

Haley Hill is a fresh new voice in romantic fiction who has previously found success in the self-publishing world. Prior to launching her fiction career, Haley launched and ran the Elect Club dating agency – and is an expert in all things dating! Haley lives in South London with her husband and twin daughters.







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