A Day in the Life of Laura Kemp

A day in the life of…

I hate getting up – always have. I love a wallow in my pit. But increasingly, it’s less of a struggle.
Because I’ve learned my peak writing time is the morning. When my brain is curious and willing to solve plot tangles, do research and work on character development. Only once I’ve had tea.

And coffee. Plus breakfast, which I’ve been dreaming of since bedtime. Cheese on toast with brown sauce or egg and soldiers.

Then I pick up where I left off – rereading, tweaking and working out what’s next. An intense few hours with my secretary at my feet (the dog) is followed by lunch. Which I’ve been dreaming of since breakfast. Tuna mayo sandwich and crisps, usually.

Then another reread. After that, I leave it to rest. Get on with other stuff; the shopping, cooking, whatever needs doing. Also I am a serial Instagrammer, Tweeter, Facebooker, so I’m in and out of that too. And possibly a run. Usually with the dog, who outpaces me in the most humiliating way.
Around 2pm, I bash out another hour then it’s pick-up time.

My son, who’s nine, takes up the rest of the day, unless he’s at a club, in which case I keep writing. I find 4pm til 6pm a productive period too, I think it’s because I’m up against it, because there’s tea on the horizon.

Yes, more food consisting of carbs, glorious carbs.

The evening is either telly, Sudoku, crafting, jigsaws and the odd G&T – Lego if I’m lucky enough to have a new set! Or I’m out with my friends or, if forced, with my husband.

But always I’ll have a read of what I’ve written because letting it rest means I can go back to it to check for mistakes and contradictions. Accompanied by toast or cheese and crackers, or pate or…

Then it’s bed, oh, how I love my bed, to dream of breakfast.



A huge thank you to Laura and Yasemin at Aria.


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