Book Review: How to be a Grown-Up by Daisy Buchanan

How to be a Grown-Up by Daisy Buchanan
Release Date: 6th April 2017
Publisher: Headline
Genre: Non-fiction, self-help, lifestyle
Pages: 272
Buy: PaperbackKindle
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What’s the Story?

Have you ever felt lost, anxious, panicky about adulthood?
Have you ever spent a hungover Sunday crying into a bowl of cereal?
Have you ever scrolled through Instagram and felt nothing but green-eyed jealousy and evil thoughts?
Award-winning journalist, Grazia agony aunt and real-life big sister to five smart, stylish, stunning twenty-something young women, Daisy Buchanan has been there, done that and got the vajazzle.
In How to be a Grown-Up, she dispenses all the emotional and practical advice you need to negotiate a difficult decade. Covering everything from how to become more successful and confident at work, how to feel pride in yourself without needing validation from others, how to turn rivals into mentors, and how to *really* enjoy spending time on your own, this is a warm, kind, funny voice in the dark saying “Honestly don’t worry, you’re doing your best and you’re amazing!”

My Thoughts

Despite reaching the grand old age of 27, I still feel something of an imposter when someone refers to me as an ‘adult’. I’m not an adult. I’m just a grown-up(ish) teenager. I’m actually twenteen-seven…That’s what I like to tell myself when my alarm goes off at 6am on a Monday morning and I don’t feel like ‘adulting’ but the idea of hiding under the duvet in my Beauty and the Beast pyjamas has never seemed so appealing.
Thankfully, Grazia’s agony aunt and writer Daisy Buchanan has used her wealth of knowledge and experience to benefit those of us who are a little freaked out at the idea of becoming an ‘grown-up’ and has put together this essential manual for twenty-somethings everywhere. Not that you have to be in your twenties to read and enjoy this sparkly gem of non-fiction…Not by any means.
No subject is taboo, whether it’s dealing with your parents, developing a fear of cashpoints, surviving at work, sex, fashion, conquering anxiety or teaching yourself how to properly relax, Daisy has it covered.

Sitting down with this book is similar to gossiping with your wiser, cooler, older sister. Someone who has been there, done that, made the mistakes and bought the t-shirt (or the strappy golden jumpsuit in Daisy’s case…) This makes How to be a Grown-up a very relatable, funny read and one which will undoubtedly resonate with so many people on so many levels. Daisy’s style of writing is chatty, warm and her wise words of comfort and reassurance will have the same effect as wrapping yourself in a mermaid tail blanket whilst Ryan Gosling strokes your hair and tells you you’re beautiful…

‘You’re doing fine and let me tell you why.’

Daisy proves that you can make the mistakes, you can recover from the heartbreak, you can live through the hangover, you can eat the burger and chips, you can be a member of Team Freak Out…but it’s all ok. Completely and absolutely ok. You’re still alive, you’re still breathing and the world is not about to suddenly combust because you overslept for ten minutes and don’t have time to perfect your winged eyeliner flick. Daisy has taught me that being an adult is about making mistakes…but importantly making those mistakes count.
I really feel as though I’ve learnt a lot from this book. One of the most important things I am taking away from How to be a Grown-Up is, in fact, the correct way to wash my hair. (I wasn’t necessarily expecting this but any hair care tips are always winners…*swishes-shampoo-ad-worthy-hair*)
I love how Daisy doesn’t shy away from the trickier topics that those of us in our twenties sometimes face. She talks frankly about her own struggle with anxiety and panic attacks, discusses mental health, sex, assault and also touches upon her issues with eating disorders and body image. The ultimate lesson amongst these pages is teaching you the importance of learning to love, take care of and listen to yourself. Once you can master this, other aspects of your life will become so much easier. Ok, ok, it’s no simple task. And you’re not necessarily going to be picking up this book in the first place if you’re one of those twenty-something’s who has their life sussed (Who are you and do you really exsist!?) but Daisy’s friendly tips and useful advice will reassure you, comfort you and inspire you. She writes in such an empowering way that you can’t help but finish this book and feel pretty damn good about yourself.
I have taken away so, so many positives things from this book. It’s something that I will refer back to when I’ve made a balls-up of something and it feels as though the world is about to end. It made me feel better about life in general and reminded me that I’m most definitely not on my own with making a mess of washing my hair, being jealous of someone’s Instagram feed and sometimes feeling like an imposter in life.

As soon as you reach the age of twenty, this manual for not-quite-ready-to-adult adults everywhere should be issued as standard. It will make you smile, give you hope and most importantly make you feel a whole lot better about life…

My thanks to Georgina at Headline for providing me with a copy of How to be a Grown-Up for review.




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