Writing a Mirco Thriller with Rachel Abbott

If you’re a regular reader of my blog then you will know that I absolutely LOVE Rachel Abbott. I was completely enthralled by the first book of hers I read, which was Stranger Child back in March 2015. It had all the components of a fantastic thriller; and I have been steadily making my way through her back catalogue ever since (Kill Me Again is one of my personal favourites, be sure to give it a read if you get chance!)

As quite an excitable person, I think my levels of excitement went through the roof when I was offered the chance to write a micro-thriller with Rachel for my stop on the blog tour for her new novel, The Sixth Window. I felt a mixture of fear & excitement at the prospect but I enjoyed it so, so much. Anyway enough of my rambling (I promise I don’t ramble quite so much during my section of the story…) Here is my micro thriller…


 photo ra.png


The Sixth Window was released on 21st February with Black Dot Publishing. Click here to get hold of your copy.

A huge thank you to Rachel and to Maura Brickell at Maura PR & Communications.


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