Five Reasons Why I Love Robert Bryndza

Bad book blogger alert. I did a really stupid thing… The second I got a copy of Robert Bryndza’s HIGHLY anticipated new Erika Foster novel, Last Breath, I gobbled it up in one greedy sitting (similar to how I will consume my chocolate eggs today…Don’t judge me.) Whilst there is nothing wrong with this in itself (and OHMYGOSH I loved the book in case you were wondering…) I didn’t write my review straight away. Now I have this thing with reviews. I have to write them as soon as is humanly possible after reading the book, otherwise I feel I can’t do the book justice and I will forget things. And believe me, Last Breath is one book I want to do justice because it was blow-your-pants-off amazing. Therefore, my plan is to re-read Last Breath (Any excuse…) and write a dazzling review, worthy of this heart-stopping, page-turner of a novel. Which brings me on to today and my stop for Robert’s blog tour…

I’ve been a fan of Robert’s books since I read my first Coco Pinchard novel back in 2014. I love every single thing he has written and he is, undoubtedly, one of my favourite authors ever. So I thought it would be fitting, instead of sharing my review, to share five reasons as to exactly why I love Robert so much… I hope that is ok and I am forgiven for being such a terrible book blogger

  1. His writing is PROPERLY laugh-out-loud.
    You hear books being described as being ‘laugh out loud’ a lot, but I personally think it’s a phrase which is used too freely. Did you REALLY laugh out loud? Are you actually a miserable sow-and-sow like me and it takes a helluva’ lot to even make you raise a smile when you’re reading a book? Don’t get me wrong – I’m one of those people who can acknowledge when something is funny, but for a novel to ACTUALLY make me laugh out loud is something that not many authors achieve. However, Robert cracks this every single time. He is just so naturally funny. His Coco Pinchard books have me howling with laughter, so much so that there’s no risk of me reading them in public any more because I just make an idiot of myself (even more so than on your average day…) His comic timing is perfect, his characters one-liners superb; and he even manages to throw in plenty of darker humour in his wonderful Erika Foster novels. LOL’s alongside a crime scene investigation? Robert has it covered…
  2. His ability to write mutli-genres.
    It’s no secret that I love Coco Pichard. She is my absolute favourite and she will forever have a place in my heart. If Robert agreed to just write a new Coco novel every six months or so for the rest of my life I would be pretty content.
    Naturally I was massively and also a little scared when I heard he was turning his hand to writing crime. How would this work? I had no doubts that Robert would nail it – let’s be honest, he’s pretty fabulous, but I was dying to see how his writing would differ when writing a thriller. Needless to say he DID nail it – and some (you know all the accolades he’s received for The Girl in the Ice and what a ginormous success it’s been…) He is a natural born thriller writer. He creates tension, his writing is so atmospheric and he has that skill of drip-feeding the reader just enough information to intrigue yet not give the story away.
    I would imagine it must be so difficult to switch from writing one genre to another – and to do it so fantastically really is something that needs to be applauded. Robert Bryndza is clearly an author or many, many talents.
  3. His Characters.
    Robert has a skill for creating energetic, fascinating, bold, larger-than-life characters who jump off the page.
    Ethel is one of my all time favourite characters in Robert’s Coco books. Not only do I love her no-nonsense personality, but I also love her accent. A true cockney; Ethel never, EVER fails to make me smile. She is also as mad as a box of frogs. I am also a massive fan of Hungarian Anouska in Miss Wrong and Mr Right (I like the way she says ‘vooman’.) and it goes without saying that I am in total awe of the wonderful DCI Erika Foster. She is such a relatable, complex and intriguing character. I admire this woman, so, so much. I like her bravery, I like her honesty, I like her sassiness, I like her kick-ass attitude, and I like how she never, ever gives up, no matter what the consequences might be.
  4. He never, EVER disappoints.
    All book-lovers have that worry when their favourite author releases a new novel. Whilst 99% of their bookish brain is filled with joy, there’s that tiny niggling 1% that worries – what if it doesn’t live up to my ridiculously high expectations? Scary stuff.
    However, the thing I have discovered with Robert’s books is that this never, ever, EVER happens. He is consistently good; up to the point where I swear his books keep getting better and better (despite this not seeming humanly possible) He somehow always pulls it out of the bag and his stories continue to amaze me, his writing continues to draw me in, and his brilliantly executed stories continue to keep me up reading way past my bedtime.
  5. He is a fantastic storyteller.
    Whether it’s crime, humour, chick lit, thriller- whatever Robert writes the way he crafts a story is phenomenal. His writing is so well executed and his plot lines are always so well thought out. I love the amount of twists and turns that his stories take, sometimes leaving you in complete awe thinking -did that really just happen!?’ He also has a knack for not giving anything away. Y’know how some stories have conclusions that you can see a mile off? Robert’s books are never like that. Always unpredictable, full of excitement and with twists and turns aplenty. Despite the unpredictability of the storylines there is one thing that you can always bank on…Once you pick up a Robert Bryndza book up, you won’t be putting it down any time soon…


He’s your perfect date. You’re his next victim.

When the tortured body of a young woman is found in a dumpster, her eyes swollen shut and her clothes soaked with blood, Detective Erika Foster is one of the first at the crime scene. The trouble is, this time, it’s not her case.

While she fights to secure her place on the investigation team, Erika can’t help but get involved and quickly finds a link to the unsolved murder of a woman four months earlier. Dumped in a similar location, both women have identical wounds – a fatal incision to their femoral artery.

Stalking his victims online, the killer is preying on young pretty women using a fake identity. How will Erika catch a murderer who doesn’t seem to exist?

Then another girl is abducted while waiting for a date. Erika and her team must get to her before she becomes another dead victim, and, come face to face with a terrifyingly sadistic individual.

Gripping, tense and impossible to put down, Last Breath will have you on the edge of your seat, racing to the final dramatic page.

Click to buy in paperback or ebook.



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