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Please find below all reviews published on Bookaholic Confessions, in alphabetical order of the author’s surname…



Abbott, Rachel – Stranger Child
Adams, Ellie – It Had to be You
Admans, Jaimie – Creepy Christmas
Asher, Jay – Thirteen Reasons Why


Bailey, Scarlett – Secret Santa
Beaufoy, Kate – Liberty Silk
Becker, Lisa – Click
Beckerman Hannah – The Dead Wife’s Handbook
Bell, Alex – Frozen Charlotte
Bennett, Andrea – Galina Petrovna’s Three Legged Dog Story
Bloom, Jo – Ridley Road
Bond, Tara – Beautiful
Bramley, Cathy – Ivy
Brook, Rhidian – The Aftermath
Brown, Alexandra – Christmas at Carrington’s
Byrne, Tanya – For Holly
Bryndza, Robert – A Very Coco Christmas
Brynda, Robert – Miss Wrong and Mr Right



Cain, Matt – Nothing But Trouble
Cannon, Katy – Secrets, Schemes and Sewing Machines
Chambers, Kimberley – The Wronged
Chase, Clare – You Think You Know Me
Chase, Bethany – The One That Got Away
Cheshire, Simon – Flesh and Blood
Clancy, Joanne – The Gift
Clarke, Wendy – Room in Your Heart
Clarke, Wendy – The Last Rose
Clements, Abby – Vivien’s Heavenly Ice Cream Shop
Cohen, Julie – Where Love Lies
Cohen, Tammy – First One Missing
Coleman, Rowan – The Memory Book



Davies, Emma – Letting in Light
Davies, Emma – Merry Mistletoe
De Force, Fleur – The Glam Guide
Devon, Eve – Her Best Laid Plans
Knight, Renee – Disclaimer
Dillon, Lucy – One Small Act of Kindness
Disney, Deborah – Up and In


Eclair, Jenny – Life, Death and Vanilla Slices
Ellis, Aven – Connectivity
Ellis, Aven – Chronicles of a Lincoln Park Fashionista
Ellis, Joan – I Am Ella. Buy Me.
Evans, Harriet – A Place For Us (Part One)
Evans, Harriet – A Place For Us (Part Two)
Evans, Harriet – A Place For Us (Part Three)
Evans, Harriet – A Place For Us (Part Four)


Faith, Ellen – Learn to Love Again
Ferguson, Catherine – Humbugs and Heartstrings
Flynn, Elizabeth – Dead Gorgeous
Forster, Kate – The Perfect Christmas
Fox, Phoebe – The Breakup Doctor
Freeman, Kathryn – Do Opposites Attract?
French, Kat – Undertaking Love


Geraghty, Ciara – Now That I’ve Found You
Gorman, Michelle – The Curvy Girls Club
Gould, R.J. – A Street Cafe Named Desire
Greaney, Aine – La Belle Femme
Green, Linda – The Mummyfesto
Green, John – The Fault in our Stars
Greene, Vanessa – The Vintage Teacup Club
Greenwood, Kirsty – The Vintage Guide to Love and Romance
Gregory, Sebastian – The Boy in the Cemetery
Griffin, Amy – Before You Say Yes



Hamilton, Jillianne – Molly Miranda Thief for Hire
Hamilton, Emma – Greedily Yours: Episode One, Taste Test
Harper, Emily – My Sort-of, Kind-of Hero
Harrington, Carmel – Every Time a Bell Rings
Hart, Sophe – The Beginner’s Guide to the Birds and the Bees
Harvey, Jonathan – The Confusion of Karen Carpenter
Hawkins, Paula – The Girl on the Train
Higgins, Kristan – In Your Dreams
Hill, Melissa – The Guest List
Hinton, Holly – The Summer Sacrifice
Hollis, Rachel – Party Girl
Hoover, Colleen – Ugly Love


Install, Deborah – A Robot in the Garden


James, Laura E – Follow Me, Follow You
James, Shealy – Whole Life Re-Do
Johnson, Debbie – Cold Feet at Christmas
Joyce, Jennifer – Everything Changes But You
Joyce, Rachel – The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry
Joyce, Rachel – The Love Song of Miss Queenie Hennessy


Kearney, Fionnuala – You, Me and Other People
Kebell, Colette – Blue and Green Should Never be Seen (Or so Mother Says) by
Kebell, Colette – The Retail Therapist
Kelly, Gerard – The Boy Who Loved Rain
Knapp, Jill – What Happens to Men when they Move to Manhattan?



Lafaye, Vanessa – Summertime
Lark, Sarah – Island of a Thousand Springs
Lark, Sarah – Island of the Red Mangroves
Levithan, David – Marly’s Ghost
Linfoot, Jane – High Heels and Bicycle Wheels
Lucas, Rachael – Sealed With a Christmas Kiss
Lyons, Annie – Not Quite Perfect
Lyons, Annie – Life or Something Like It


McFarlane, Mhairi – Here’s Looking at You
McIntyre, Rachel – Me and Mr J
McKinlay, Deborah – That Part Was True
McLaughlin, Cressida – Sunshine and Spaniels
McLaughlin, Cressida – Westies and Wellies
McLaughlin, Cressida – Raincoats and Retrievers
Major, Cesca – The Silent Hours
Mansell, Jill – The Unpredictable Consequences of
Marsons, Angela – Silent Scream
May, Nicola – The SW19 Club
Michael, A.L – Driving Home For Christmas 
Michael, A.L – My So-Called (Love) Life
Moore, Nikki – Skating at Somerset House
Moore, Nikki – Cocktails in Chelsea
Morgan, Lou – Sleepless
Moriarty, Liane – The Husband’s Secret
Moriarty, Liane – Little Lies
Mullarkey, Gabrielle – Hush, Hush


Napier, Samantha – Dating the Alphabet
North, Freya – The Turning Point

O’Grady, Kirstina – Damsel in Distress?


Pearce, Bryony – Phoenix
Pellegrini, Simona – Feather and Flames
Perkins, Stephanie – My True Love Gave To Me
Peterson, Alice – One Step Closer to You
Polk, Olivia, O’Dowd, Jane – Babymaid
Porter, John – Solitdue’s Fine
Pugh, Rebecca – Return to Bluebell Hill



Rance, Jon – This Thirysomething Life
Rance, Jon – This Family Life
Renham, Lynda – Fudge Berries and Frogs Knickers
Robinson, Lucy – The Day We Disappeared
Rofle, Helen – Handle Me With Care



Scott Maloney, Carol – There Are No Men
Seskis, Tina – When We Were Friends
Sharma, Swati – Fashionably Yours
Simone, Lucie – Petit Four
Slocombe, Amelia – Me Blackberry Fool, You Apple Tart
Stevenson, Vanessa Leah – A Hopeaholic’s Hallelujah
Shackman, Julie – Rock my World
Shemilt, Jane – Daughter
Stewart, Eleanor – Bad Habits
Stovell, Christine – Only True in Fairytales
Sullivan, J. Courtney – The Engagements
Swann, Karen – Summer at Tiffanys



Taylor, Adrianna – The Story of Control
Todd, Anna – After
Treger, Louisa – The Lodger


Valpy, Fiona – The French for Christmas


Walters, Louise – Mrs Sinclair’s Suitcase
Warga, Jasmine – My Heart & Other Black Holes
Weaver, Michaela – Manic Mondays
Web, Katherine – The Night Falling
Whitehouse, David – Mobile Library
Wilkison, Laura – Public Battles, Private Wars
Williams, T.A – What Happens in Tuscany




Zillgens, Gerlis – The Berlin Coffee Shop (Episode 2)












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