My Top 10 NetGalley Picks…

Since I started blogging I have become ADDICTED to NetGalley. It’s amazing and whoever invented it has fast become my hero. I had no idea that sites like NetGalley even exsisted before I started blogging and I love how reviewers are given the opportunity to read so many fabulous titles before they are even released so they can […]

Have You Heard…? The Vintage Guide To Love and Romance by Kirsty Greenwood

Feast your book-loving eyes on this cover of loveliness. Seriously, how GORGEOUS is this? I can’t quite get over it… In all seriousness, this is the cover for Kirsty Greenwood’s second novel, The Vintage Guide to Love and Romance, and I have decided I love this book already, especially as Kirsty’s debut, Yours Truly was utterly […]

Have You Heard…? Sophie Kinsella to write YA novel

  Just as I am recovering from the excitement of Shopaholic to the Stars being released (new Becky Bloomwood! Click here to get your copy) I then hear the news that Sophie Kinsella (a.ka. my favourite author in the whole, entire, universe) is going to be releasing a Young Adult novel. Is there no end to Sophie’s […]