Writing a Mirco Thriller with Rachel Abbott

If you’re a regular reader of my blog then you will know that I absolutely LOVE Rachel Abbott. I was completely enthralled by the first book of hers I read, which was Stranger Child back in March 2015. It had all the components of a fantastic thriller; and I have been steadily making my way […]

Blog Tour: Secrets of the Royal Wedding Chapel

Kathleen Irene Paterka   SECRETS OF THE ROYAL WEDDING CHAPEL   AVAILABLE ON AMAZON NOW! ________________________   Immersed in the world of weddings and romance, Lily Lavender grew up believing in brides, grooms and happily-ever-afters. A direct descendent of the British royals, it seemed her destiny and royal birthright to someday assume a position as […]

Extract: Please Don’t Leave Me Here by Tania Chandler

  Please Don’t Leave Me Here by Tania Chandler. It’s after midnight when Sam gets home, but she’s still awake. He places his watch and keys quietly on the bedside table. His clothes rustle as he undresses in the dark; the bed creaks when he sits on the edge to pull off his shoes and […]