Free Christmas eBooks

It’s Christmasssss (nearly!) and what better way to celebrate the countdown to the big day than by downloading a fabulous (free!) festive read. Christmas has definitely come early… From Paris With Love This Christmas by Jules Wake Just until Christmas… That’s what Paris socialite Siena keeps telling herself. She’ll hide away in her sister Laurie’s […]

Extract: Escape to the Riviera by Jules Wake

Escape to the Riviera by Jules Wake   Chapter One   They shuffled into their seats and sat down in the semi-darkness.  The ads had already started but the audience, blasé and indifferent to the stylish mini-films, paid no attention.  Jade’s phone glowed as she scrolled through pages on the internet, reminding Carrie to switch […]

Guest Post: Winter Style by Jules Wake

Winter Style By Jules Wakes Siena in From Paris With Love This Christmas definitely knows her fashion, and she makes quite a splash amongst her friends due to her styling abilities. Fashion is such a big part of life, especially in the city, and these would be her top tips for winter fashion.     […]

Happy Birthday Choc Lit!

  It’s no secret that I love Choc Lit. They always produce top quality fiction and I class some of their authors amongst my all-time favourites. Therefore I’d like to wish Choc Lit and all of its lovely authors and staff a very happy 6th birthday (Plus we share a birthday- Bookaholic Confessions is 1 […]

May-June Favourites

Welcome to my first non-book review post! In May-June Favourites Part One I want to talk about some of my favourite books that have been released during the month. My TBR list grew dramatically this month, there have been so many exciting releases, so in Part Two I’m also going to show you which books […]