Guest Post: The 10 Best Pieces of Writing Advice by Vanessa Lafaye

The 10 Best Pieces of Writing Advice* Vanessa Lafaye *There is other good writing advice.  These are just the things that I’ve found most useful. Having had my first book published doesn’t make me an expert on much at all, but it’s enough of an achievement that I get asked for advice by those still […]

Book Review: Summertime by Vanessa Lafaye

Summertime by Vanessa Lafaye Release Date: 15th January 2015 Publisher: Orion Buy: Hardback  Kindle Rating: Florida Keys, 1935. Hurricane Season. Tens of thousands of black and white men scarred by their experiences of war in Europe return home to find themselves abandoned to destitution by the US government. The tiny, segregated community of Heron Key […]

Author Interview: Vanessa Lafaye

I’d delighted to share with you an interview with debut author Vanessa Lafaye. Vanessa’s novel, Summertime was released this January (click here if you’re still yet to get hold of your copy) and it’s a completely amazing, mesmerising story which I immensely enjoyed. My review will be up later on today, but for now it’s over […]