Taking a bit of a break…

There comes a time in every bloggers life where they just need to take a teeny step back. (Or at least I hope there does & it’s not just me…) I feel as though, right now, I have reached that stage.

I love blogging & reviewing with all of my heart, but I fear I haven’t been very good at it lately. And a bad blogger is an unhappy blogger, so I’ve decided that I’m going to take this step back for a week (Or two? Or three? Or however long it takes until I think I can be halfway good at it again.)

I am by no means giving up on blogging, just taking a vacation. I will honour all tours & reviews I have signed up for & I’ll still be reading & jabbering away on Twitter about everything I’ve read. I’ll still be posting reviews as often as I can, I just think it’s appropriate for a little bit of time out right now.

I hope that’s ok. Thanks so much for sticking with me and being fabulous.


Author Interview: Rachael Lucas



Rachael LucasHi Rachael, welcome to Bookaholic Confessions! Thank you so much for participating in this interview. I’m absolutely thrilled to have you on my blog! Would you like to start by introducing yourself…?

Hello! I’m Rachael, and I live by the seaside in the North West of England with my partner and my four children. I’m originally from the Highlands of Scotland, and I wrote my first book when I was eleven. (It was terrible!)


Can you tell us a bit about your latest (fabulous) novel, Wildflower Bay? (Released 11th August 2016 with Pan)

Wildflower Bay is set on the island of Auchenmor in Scotland. It tells the story of three people: Finn, who is a bit tired of bed-hopping to escape the demons in his past, and who envies his best friend Roddy’s settled life, Isla, who is forced into taking a job in her aunt’s grim little salon when disaster strikes back home in Edinburgh, and eighty year old Ruth, who wants to bring her family together.

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Book Review: Don’t You Forget About Me by Liz Tipping


Don't You Forget About Me

Don’t You Forget About Me by Liz Tipping
Release Date: 6th June 2016
Publisher: Carina UK
Buy: Kindle

An athlete, a princess, a brain, a criminal, a basket case…

Cara Dunham is definitely one of them. But stuck in her small hometown, with no prospects of escape, she’s struggling to find her thing. Her life is more book club than Breakfast Club and there is no Judd Nelson in sight!

So when Cara is invited to a school reunion she knows this is her chance to channel her inner Molly Ringwald and grab her John Hughes moment, once and for all. Because her teenage love, Daniel Rose will be there, the coolest boy at school and the one that got away.

But transforming into an 80’s icon isn’t easy and Cara enlists the help of her oldest friend, Stubbs, to teach her all she needs to know about being cool and quirky – a la Ringwald.

Except Stubbs thinks she’s perfect, just as she is and takes it upon himself to show Cara that her life might not be ‘movie perfect’, but there is always another take to get things right. And maybe the hero she’s dreamed of has been under her nose the whole time…

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Book Review and Giveaway: The Moment She Left by Susan Lewis


The Moment She Left
The Moment She Left by Susan Lewis
Release Date: 28th July 2016
Publisher: Cornerstone
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Kesterly-on-Sea is full of secrets. 
Some are darker than others; many are shameful. One is even deadly.

Andee is an ex-detective whose marriage is breaking up. So when a young female student disappears without trace, she throws herself into the search.

Meanwhile, the town’s beloved Rowzee Cayne has just discovered that she is terminally ill, and doesn’t want to burden her family and friends with the news. Continue reading

Extract: No Turning Back by Tracy Buchanan


No Turning Back by Tracy Buchanan

The Second One

You’re staring out towards the dockyards, brow creased. You will not look at me. I want you to look at me.

‘Look,’ I say, pointing out of the other window facing towards the beach. ‘It’s starting.’

You turn and narrow your eyes.

‘There, see,’ I say, pointing towards the family spilling out of a car, their bright towels flapping in the wind. There’s a mum and dad, a boy and two girls. The pebbles of the beach shine under the sun, small boats shimmying over the waves in the distance. They’re from The Docks, I can tell from their decrepit old car.

Something changes in you as you look out of the window, eyes alighting on the sullen boy who helps his father get out a tatty-looking picnic hamper. At least this family are trying, taking their kids out for a Sunday afternoon on the beach.

‘Shall we go to the beach?’ you say, smiling now.


‘Why not? We can get lunch at the cafe.’


You laugh. ‘Come on.’

As we walk to the beach together, I feel free like that seagull over there, soaring above the lighthouse and craggy rocks. It doesn’t matter that the sandwiches are a bit dry when we get to the cafe, the fizzy drink too warm. I start to feel like this is the best day of my life, being here with you.

I watch you bite into your sandwich. Your eyes are on the boy again. He’s fourteen or fifteen. He has headphones on, head hunched over a comic book. His dark hair is too long, and he’s wearing cut-off jeans and a grey t-shirt with a growling dog on the front.

The boy looks up, catches me watching him.

I turn away.

‘Don’t be shy,’ you say in a quiet voice. ‘You should go talk to the boy. That way he won’t bat an eyelid when you see him next. He’ll be relaxed.’

I think of the last boy, the first one, and a tremor of fear rushes through me. ‘I don’t know.’

‘Look, this is the perfect opportunity.’

The mum gets up and takes the girls to the water’s edge as the dad strolls to the cafe.

The boy’s alone now.

You jog your arm into mine. ‘Go. Practise on him.’ You stand up, stretching. ‘I’m getting another drink.’

You give me a look – the look – then stride off.

I stay where I am for a few moments, fear battling curiosity. Can I really do this? Do I want to do this? You think I can but I’m not so sure.

I take a deep breath then walk along the beach to the boy, weaving between all the people who are cluttering the beach now. The boy doesn’t notice me for a bit as I stand over him. Then he looks up, scowling.

‘Looks interesting,’ I say, gesturing to the comic book.

The boy takes his headphones off. ‘What?’ He looks angry. It’s clear he doesn’t want to talk to me.

I think about heading back, then peer at the cafe. You nod at me, encouraging. I don’t want to disappoint you.

I kneel down beside the boy. ‘I’ve met the man who illustrates those,’ I lie.

‘Oh yeah?’ the boy says, feigning disinterest but I see his eyes light up.

‘Yep. My friend’s brother knew him.’

He looks me up and down. ‘I’ve seen you at school.’

‘That’s right. You like it there?’

He laughs. ‘Does anyone?’

I laugh back and we start to talk.

After a while, I sneak a peek back at the cafe to see you watching us, this strange intense look in your eyes. I look back at the boy and know things aren’t going to end well for him.


Click to get hold of your copy of No Turning Back in paperback or ebook.

No Turning BackYou’d kill to protect your child – wouldn’t you?


When radio presenter Anna Graves and her baby are attacked on the beach by a crazed teenager, Anna reacts instinctively to protect her daughter.

But her life falls apart when the schoolboy dies from his injuries. The police believe Anna’s story, until the autopsy results reveal something more sinister.

A frenzied media attack sends Anna into a spiral of self-doubt. Her precarious mental state is further threatened when she receives a chilling message from someone claiming to be the ‘Ophelia Killer’, responsible for a series of murders twenty years ago.

Is Anna as innocent as she claims? And is murder forgivable, if committed to save your child’s life…?