Author Interviews

Quizzing some of my favourite authors is definitely one of the things that I love most about blogging. To read interviews with the authors below click on their picture to be taken to the link.

 Michelle Betham

 Munir Bellow

Lisa Becker

Jo Bloom

Rhidian Brook

Robert Bryndza

Kathy Bryson

Ellie Campbell

Bethany Chase

Simon Cheshire

Fiona Jane Collins

Hattie C Cooper

Christina Courtenay

Emma Davies

Deborah Disney

Joan Ellis 

Helen Giltrow

R.J. Gould

Caroline Green

Amy Griffin

Jenny Hale

 Sophie Hart

Krysten Lindsay-Hager

Kristy Woodson-Harvey

Paula Hawkins

Amanda James

Wendy Lou Jones

Sophie King

Vanessa Lafaye

Erin Lawless

Jane Lovering

Sarah Lark

Kathleen McGurl

Rachel McIntrye

A. L. Michael

Caroline Mitchell

Eva Lesko Natiello

Kristina O’Grady

CeCe Osgood

Alice Peterson

Rebecca Raisin

Jon Rance

Jane Riddell

Marie Saint-Louis

Liesel Schmidt

Nicky Schmidt

Julie Shackman

Katie Jansson Shahin

Kendra Smith

Elaine Spires

Katie Stephens

Vanessa Leah Stevenson

Carrie Stone

Nic Tatano

Betsy Tobin

Fiona Valpy 

Sarah Vincent

Katarina West

Tess Woods

Sonja Young


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