Favourite Releases of June

Welcome to my June Favourites, Part Two!

SO MANY amazing-sounding books were released during June that my To-Be-Read list has grown rather a lot…whoops.
I’ve either purchased or been wistfully eyeing up all of the books below. If you’ve read any of them please let me know what you thought…




Ice Creams at Carringtons by Alexandra Brown
Release date: 5th June 2014
Publisher: Harper
Buy: Paperback Kindle

Georgie Hart and Carrington’s Department Store have got the world at their feet. Since a reality TV series put them both on the map, life has been amazing! Carrington’s profits are in the pink, Georgie has carved herself a place in the nation’s heart and even better, her romance with Tom, the store’s boss, has finally blossomed after a shaky start.
Now summertime has come to Mulberry-on-Sea and Georgie is in great demand. The town is holding a big summer festival and she and her mates from Carrington’s are planning on making sure that Mulberry puts on the show of its life!
But Georgie is about to get the offer of a lifetime – one that is just too good to turn down and something that will test her loyalties to their limits… Will Georgie be able to pull off it off once again, or has her luck finally run out?

I would go so far as to say that the Carrington’s Department store books are one of my favourite series of books…EVER. I can’t get enough of them, I love the setting, the fabulous characters (especially Eddie) the storylines…just everything about these books is amazing and I’m ridiculously excited about reading Ice Creams at Carrington’s. I can picture myself now, reading this on a hot, sunny day whilst scoffing an ice cream. Perfect.


Two Weddings and a Baby by Scarlett Bailey
Release Date: 19th June 2014
Publisher: Ebury Press
Buy: Paperback Kindle

From reluctant bridesmaid, to accidental mother.

Tamsyn Thorne has not been back to her home town of Poldore for five long years.
But now her brother, Ruan, is about to get married and she has no excuses left.
Her plans to arrive in Cornwall looking chic and successful are dashed when a huge storm turns her from fashion goddess to a drowned rat. Worse, she ends up insulting the local hunky vicar – and then finds a tiny baby abandoned in his churchyard.

Woah, hold on a second. A Scarlett Bailey book that’s not set at Christmas? When hearing about Two Weddings and a Baby I admit I panicked a little that there would be no more Christmas-related books (which I am a huge fan of!) However, I quickly got over this when I read the synopsis and some of the fantastic reviews from other book bloggers. Now I can’t bloomin’ wait to get hold of a copy of Two Weddings and a Baby. The cover looks beautiful and I’m really looking forward to reading my first non-Christmassy Scarlett Bailey book!



Written in The Stars by Ali Harris
Release date: 5th June 2014
Publisher: Simon and Schuster Ltd
Buy: Paperback  Kindle

One decision + two different paths = how many happy endings? Have you ever wondered ‘What if…?’ What if you’d taken that other job, gone on a date with that sweet guy, moved to a different city? Would an alternative life path have led to a happier ending? Now imagine if you could have taken both paths…When Bea Bishop slips while walking down the aisle on her wedding day, she is momentarily knocked unconscious. And in a flash, her world splits and two separate parallel lives take her on two very different journeys. In one, Bea flees back down the aisle and out of the church. In the other, she glides blissfully towards Adam, her intended. Each path will take her on a very different journey. And each will see her life change for better and for worse. But which story will lead to her happy-ever-after?

Ali Harris is another favourite author of mine so I was naturally very excited about Written in The Stars anyway. I love the sound of the story; it sounds just that little bit unusual and slightly magical. Who hasn’t wondered ‘What If…’ at some point in their lives? Once again I’ve heard many great things about this novel and my copy is staring enticingly at me from my book shelf…


A Proper Family Holiday by Chrissie Manby
Release Date: 5th June 2014
Publisher: Hodder Paperbacks
Buy: Paperback Kindle

Could you survive a week-long holiday with your entire family?
Newly single magazine journalist Chelsea Benson can’t think of anything worse.
Your grubby small nephew torpedoing any chance of romance with the dishy guy you met on the plane . . .
Your eighty-five-year-old granddad chatting up ladies at the hotel bar . . .
Getting nothing but sarcastic comments from your older sister, who’s always been the family favourite . . .
And all this is before your parents drop their bombshell.
Is a week enough time for the Bensons to put their differences aside and have some fun? Or is this their last ever proper family holiday?

Yet another of my favourite authors released a book in June, the amazingly brilliant Chrissie Manby. A Proper Family Holiday went straight onto my TBR and intriguingly I’ve heard that it’s a bit different from some of her previous novels and I’m very much looking forward to getting stuck in! This sounds like the perfect holiday read, as essential in your beach bag as your sunnies and flip-flops…



The No-Kids Club

The No Kids Club by Talli Roland
Release Date: 3rd June 2014
Publisher: Lake Union Publishing
Buy: Paperback Kindle

At almost forty, Clare Donoghue is living child-free and loving it.
Then her boyfriend says he wants kids, breaking off their promising relationship. And it’s not just boyfriends: one by one, her formerly carefree friends are swallowed up in a nonstop cycle of play dates and baby groups. So Clare decides it’s time for people who don’t have children to band together. And so the No-Kids Club is born.
As the group comes together—Anna, who’s seeking something to jumpstart a stale marriage, and Poppy, desperate for a family but unable to conceive—Clare’s hoping to make the most of the childless life with her new friends.
Will the No-Kids Club be Clare’s route to happiness, or will the single life lose its sparkle?

Talli Roland is an author I’m ashamed to say I am yet to read, but I hope to change that with The No Kids Club. I love the idea of this story, there’s just something about it that’s drawn me in & I can’t wait to try it. It sounds a bit different to anything I’ve read before and I’m hoping that this will be one of the first of many of Talli’s books that I read…




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